Posted by: Ingrid | April 21, 2011

Bumpdate: Week 14

Note: This should have been posted yesterday but I haven’t gotten used to actually posting my updates on time yet, just saving them as drafts.  Also, let it be noted that I did, in fact, give in to my craving for instant mashed potatoes yesterday and ate the entire thing (4 servings, 500 calories total) in two sittings.  Best.  Thing.  EVER.  I would do it again today except we’re out of mashed potatoes.

Due Date: October 19, 2011 – A full 6 calendar months from yesterday, as someone pointed out.  I have a feeling that it will start flying by towards the end.

Weight Gain: Sticking with 5-6 pounds still.

Symptoms: All day sickness may be starting to lift????  Maybe?  Ability to somehow fly through 500 page Jodi Picoult books in a single day (don’t ask), which was a mark of my first pregnancy as well – comfort in books!  Definitely starting to look bumpier.  Just kidding about feeling better.  I wrote that before I threw up twice in four hours.

What’s different this time: Well, I didn’t just run my second half marathon of the pregnancy, like last time.  I am still injured but feel like I am dealing with not running much pretty well.  Definitely not weighing myself every single day like last time either and also drinking more coffee.  Overall, I think I am worrying much less about things going wrong or doing things wrong because most stuff you can’t change anyway.

Cravings/Aversions: Chicken still sounds gross.  On the cravings list I have baked potatoes, salad with blue cheese dressing and bacon crumbles, and macaroni and cheese (homeade and super cheesy – not boxed).  A craving that I have not given into is the urge to mix up a packet of instant garlic mashed potatoes and eat them right out of the pan.  Classy, I know.  Also, soft pretzels (especially the ones from Target).

Sleep: I could sleep half the day away if I didn’t have a toddler.  And finals.  And exercise.

I am loving: The fact that supposedly I have a quart of amniotic fluid this week, and as all of us studying Pharmacology know, a pint’s a pound!  Two pounds of weight gain explained right there…  I also love the fact that I feel slightly less sick, that I feel less pressure to fit in normal clothing now that people know I’m pregnant (though I am still not in maternity clothes, just bigger clothes that I normally never wear, and I got a full prescription for Zofran (which I learned from my recent chemo section in Pharmacology is one of the best and most effective antiemetics.)  After sticker shock at the Pharmacy ($95 for 30 pills), they ran our insurance and the final price was $16.30!  Loved that.

I miss:  Running.  I saw that the female winner of a recent 8K won in 34:15 and I thought, I could have done that!  If I weren’t injured.  And pregnant.  I also miss being allowed to be utterly miserable and self-indulgent like I was the first time I was pregnant.  Self-indulgent and toddler just don’t mix.  I am missing being able to get by easily on 7 hours of sleep as well.

Movement: Yes!  I decided yesterday that I am indeed feeling baby movement!

It’s a: Girl?  That’s my guess this week because the nausea has been so much worse this time around.

Exercise: Well, I ran 20 miles last week, but ran a 7 miler at an 8:35 pace with a friend on Saturday and overdid it.  It just felt so good, you know?  So now I’m back to my hour of elliptical/biking boredom, ab work, and weights when I remember.

Diet: Maybe getting better?  I would love to get to a point where I’m all over the fruit and veggies and beans and whole grains but I am so not there yet.  Hopefully very soon.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Remember to do weights more!

Belly Shot:



  1. You’re such a cutie! It will be fun for “Pumpkin” or “Pumpkin-ette” to read your postings down the road!

    • Maybe not, if it’s a boy. Clint informed me that most boys would just roll their eyes at such things. 🙂

  2. You look fabulous! Sorry you are sick…hope it lifts 😦

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