Posted by: Ingrid | April 27, 2011

Bumpdate: Week 15

Due Date: October 19, 2011.  Three-eighths of the way through.

Weight Gain: 5.5 pounds

Symptoms:  Still nauseous.  Still throwing up.  Still exhausted and impatient.

What’s different this time:  I had to go through finals still feeling sick.  I totally thought I would be feeling great and loving life by now.  Also, I am still trying to get back into running and am hoping for 20 miles this week.  I can’t believe how much I took running for granted the first time around!

Cravings/Aversions:  Well, the mashed potato craving was short lived after I made them again two days later and threw up.  So much for that idea.  The salad with bacon and blue cheese craving is still alive and well, however.  I still have more aversions to sweet things than sharp or savory things, but that also flip flops during the day, usually depending on what made me sick last.

Sleep:  I am very very tired these days and Isaac has been sleeping great.  There are, however, two small problems.  First, in order to get him to sleep from 8:30 pm until 8-9 am I have to go in at 6:15 and nurse him.  This successfully knocks him out (usually) but means I have to wake up.  I am also finding that once I wake up for whatever reason in the early morning I start feeling sick and am sensitive to every.  single.  sound.  Husband snoring, rain, water dripping in the sink… I have a hard time going back to sleep.

I am loving: That I’m in the second trimester and people know, even though I have not entered whatever “honeymoon phase” all the websites talk about.

I miss: Oh, so much.

Milestones:  I wore a maternity shirt on Easter.  To be fair, I also wore a regular dress the same day and I can get by with plenty of stretchy normal shirts.  I don’t think I broke out the maternity clothes until week 16 last time though, so that felt kind of weird.

Another milestone: our 4 inch baby has arms that are longer than it’s legs now.

Third milestone: almost passing out in the shower (I’ve never passed out in my life) and then throwing up nothing repeatedly (hadn’t eaten or drunk anything in 12 hours) while husband got ready for work.  That’s true love right there, when you can do all that in front of another person and they still want to be around you.

Best moment this week: The one day I made it until 8:00 pm without feeling nauseous and didn’t throw up.  Also, hearing the baby’s heartbeat today: 144.

Movement:  On and off.

It’s a: Surprise for the next five weeks!

I’m stressing about: The fact that we have used our library for a catch-all the past 4 months and now my dad is coming in less than a week and somehow I have to clean it up.  This would not be so bad except for the fact that I can barely manage to get the dishes done and our bed made up maybe once a week.  I probably should be stressing over tonight’s chemistry final instead, but I’m not.

Exercise: Doing some running with a lot of cross training and some Jillian shred thrown in once in a while.

Diet:  At least I’m eating some veggies now.  One point for me!  But I opened a can of chocolate frosting yesterday for no reason.  Negative ten points right there…

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: I would like to get back to running 20-30 miles, especially now that the weather is nicer and I would rather be outside.  Also, I have totally been ignoring my lifting plan and have been doing all cardio because I’ve needed to study so I need to get back to weights.

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  1. I am not quite ready to be pregnant with #2 but I am getting a little nervous about managing the fatigue/nausea of pregnancy with a busy toddler bustling around the house! I can barely keep my house clean with the energy I have now! I hope you start feeling less nauseous and more energized to get some good runs in!

    • Thanks, Stephanie! My lack of running has more to do with my groin injury that I am still trying to get back to normal. If it weren’t for that I think running would be going as usual. At least I can get in some cross training sessions!

  2. Oh, I’m so angry for you that you are still sick! DOWN WITH MORNING SICKNESS! DOWN WITH IT I SAY! Anyway, I sympathize with your plight times 1,000, especially since it somehow feels all the more cruel as week 12 (the supposed magical end!) passes and then you find yourself still puking in week 13, 14, 15 ….

    Soon, my friend, soon it will be done. And in the meantime, don’t worry about the dishes, the bed, and cleaning up for your dad’s visit. You cannot expect yourself to do that right now. Your energy and normal functioning will be back soon, but in the meantime give yourself every break you can.

    Happiness is around the corner. Someday you will even want salads again. Hang in there!

    • Salads?!? Really? It was the saddest day when I looked in our crisper, having not opened it in about 6 weeks and found all sorts of veggies at various stages of decomposition. All that money on produce, down the drain. You’re right, I know it will be soon, I am just SO done with all of it! But I know you totally know how it feels, so thank you!

  3. One more question – do you just dry/heave puke while you are running? Because I had to stop when I found myself gagging every quarter mile… You’re hardcore!

    • No, I have never gotten sick or even felt sick while running, that is actually the best part of my day. I feel most normal and least sick when I am running or exercising, but it probably wouldn’t look good for the pregnant girl who gets nauseous at the thought of water to spend three hours at the gym… 😛

  4. Do you want help cleaning the room up … Saturday sometime or Sunday afternoon? Or I can b’sit and you and husband can clean the room. Or I can b’sit and husband can clean the room and you can get a nap?

    • I had to laugh at the last suggestion… I have a much better sense as to where things are supposed to go in that room (also, I am better than Clint at throwing things out). I think I may take you up on that, maybe on Saturday sometime? I’ve tried to take Isaac in with me, but that never works as well as I think it will…

  5. Sweet Heart,
    I am coming out to visit you guys not to inspect your house … you need not clean up the house or anything else on my account…put me on the floor off to the side and I will be happy.
    Love you Guys,

    • That’s the problem, Dad… there IS no floor to the side. But maybe you could sleep on the card table in lieu of a mattress? Or maybe we will set up a tent in the parking lot… Just kidding – it will be ready when you come!

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