Posted by: Ingrid | May 4, 2011

Bumpdate: Week 16

Due Date: October 19, 2011 – two-fifths of the way there.

Weight Gain: 4 pounds (down 1.5 from last week).  This should give you some idea of how bad the nausea etc. has been.

Symptoms: Nausea and vomiting.  Strong aversions.

What’s different this time: I feel a lot worse.  I also can’t imagine going through this again.  I felt sick with Isaac but I remember thinking that I could get through it again if we waited a while.  We want more kids but honestly, I don’t know that I can sign on for another 9+ weeks of this.  Poor Clint gets the brunt of me being sick and exhausted and Isaac doesn’t understand at all.  I just feel like after so many weeks of this my patience is at an all time low and I just have nothing left.

Cravings/Aversions:  I have aversions to just about everything right now, including water, which I find to be a cruel joke as a runner.  The past few days I have been trying to eat sick people food: juice, toast, etc. and my body doesn’t care and still throw up half the time.  I had to cut my run short yesterday because I could feel the muscle fatigue from not getting enough water or enough of the right nutrients.  I have a very strong aversion to peanut butter and eggs right now.  Also, during this time the crock pot is not my friend.  The soup that sounded so good yesterday morning was the same thing that made me sick when I smelled it or looked at it in the evening.  Bummer.

Sleep:  I need more, especially with husband tired and Isaac deciding to get up earlier, but what else is new?

I am loving: That I feel human today for part of yesterday and could actually clean the house.  Never mind that I then threw up 3 times between dinner and bed time.

I miss:  Feeling good and running fast and eating what I want.  I miss food sounding good in general.  I didn’t realize how much I think about food; planning menus in my head and stuff, until the thought of everything started making me feel sick.  I can’t even look at recipes on a bad day!

Milestones: Well, I feel like every number divisible by 4 (8, 12, 16, 20) is a milestone, but other than that, nothing significant.  Still not in maternity clothes, just at the soft and pudgy stage which fortunately can be hidden by a sweatshirt.

Best moment this week:  Probably my runs.  My time spent running is sometimes the only time I feel okay and not at all sick.  My theory is that it’s a mix of being in the fresh air and moving fast (walking doesn’t give the same result).  I feel weird sometimes though, like people are looking at me and thinking: I thought she was sick and there she is, running again.  I wish I could tell those people that when you are consistently sick you try to do the one thing that makes you feel okay, even if you’re dehydrated or can’t keep food down.

I am loving: The fact that my dad made it here and now he can watch Isaac when I feel sick. 😛  It just feels slightly wrong when I’m throwing up and Isaac is on the other side of the bathroom door making fake throw up noises.

I am stressing over: The fact that I still feel sick a lot and now I feel like I’m losing time when I could be getting stuff done in the next 24 weeks before I have to deal with two kids.  So many projects, so much nausea.

Movement:  Here and there.

It’s a:  Human the size of a gerbil.

Exercise: Hit 22 miles last week and am hoping to do around 25 this week and move towards 30 without my injury coming back.  Still cross training and I finally got back into level 2 of New Rules of Lifting.  I figured after a 3 week break I should probably restart that level.

Diet:  Good when I feel okay, awful when I don’t.  I have been trying to eat only what sounds good, which sometimes means not much.  My philosophy before was to eat because I have to fuel my running and exercise and if I threw up, just eat something else.  After this many weeks and a perpetual sore throat I think I’m done with that theory.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Hit 25 miles, do 2-3 days of lifting, cross train on non-running days, start taking some walks with the stroller in the afternoons.

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  1. Just wanted to again commiserate with you on the seemingly endless puking.

    You know it’s bad when your toddler regularly imitates puking. I can’t tell you how many times Bella would lean over her little potty and fake-heave. Sad & hilarious.

    You’re getting there…I bet you will be feeling 1,000 times better in a couple more weeks. Which must feel like an eternity right now, right?

  2. You poor lady. Must be awful. I remember feeling sick all the time but I just ate continually even though that didn’t help. At least you won’t gain 24 kg ( 50 pounds) like I did! I KNOW you will feel better in time and that you are an absolute champion in every thing you do in life so I’m sure you will get all your stuff done in time. Let yourself have a rest from guilt this week, ok? We all do too much guilt as mums. ( hypocrite me always guilty though!). Isaac will not remember this time when he gets his baby bro or sister 🙂 XOX God with us, always, hope you get a taste of that this week.

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