Posted by: Ingrid | May 11, 2011

Bumpdate: 17 Weeks

Due Date: October 19, 2011

Weight Gain: Not sure, as I didn’t weigh in today. This is the time during the last pregnancy that everything caught up to me. I think my hydration finally leveled out at that point because I looked back and saw that my stats were:
15 weeks: 128.8
16 weeks: 133
17 weeks: 136
After that my weight gain was normal, so I am anticipating something like that to happen this time around too, especially since I was dehydrated last week. Not stressing… not stressing…

Symptoms:  Only three pairs of non-maternity pants left standing! 🙂  Still some aversions and random nausea but overall I am starting to feel a lot better.

What’s different this time:  I skipped the in-between Bella band stage this time and am going straight to maternity clothes from regular.  Oddly enough, it’s still happening at the same time I made the transition with Isaac so I must be roughly the same size.  Last time around I wasn’t really having as many food aversions either, at this point.

Cravings/Aversions: Salty things have been tasting good as have lemonade popsicles and blue cheese and bacon. Lots of aversions, especially to sweets and to peanut butter.

Sleep:  This past week was the worst yet for sleep.  Between the three of us and my dad being here, we seemed to be experimenting with whether or not sleep deprivation can be fatal.  BAD experiment.  No one likes a cranky mom. I consistently try to get more sleep but it’s like everything conspires against me. I am getting tired of feeling like I got run over by a truck every morning.

I am loving:  That I can count the number of times I’ve thrown up this week on one hand and that I seem to really be feeling better, finally.

I miss: My pre-kid life when I could do anything I wanted whenever I wanted. Also, getting enough sleep consistently so that I feel like I’m not always on edge with zero patience.

Milestones: I wore maternity jeans for the first time on Saturday. It was mostly a matter of deciding if I wanted to suck in all day and wear regular jeans or push out my stomach and hike up my maternity pants all day. I opted for comfort but am feeling conflicted about growing out of everything.

I am stressing over: Where our second child will sleep. How I will find all the things I will need if we’re having a girl. Getting bigger. How on earth I will sleep train, potty train, and wean Isaac when we have had no consistency in our schedule since he was born.

Best moment this week: Having my Dad here and having him take Isaac out for walks several times a day.

Movement:  Yes, but I have to stop and pay attention to feel it.  It’s nowhere near the dance party it will be very very soon.

It’s a:  My guess (and husband’s) is that it’s a girl.  I am basing this on the fact that my nausea has been worse this time and my skin is all weird, which didn’t happen before.  Guess we’ll find out in a few weeks!

Exercise: My leg hurt again last week so I never made it to 25 miles. I did get in three weight lifting sessions, though, which I was proud of, and plenty of cross training.

Diet: Getting better but could really use some improvement. I still have moments of nausea when I just reach for whatever, usually in the form of graham crackers or other sugary things. I am hoping that I will be able to curb that once I am truly feeling better.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: Run 20 miles this week (through Saturday) and up my mileage slightly next week. Also, finish level 2 of New Rules of Lifting by the end of next week. In my ideal world I would do weights a few times a week, do my cross-training/running for an hour a day, and then got for a walk with the stroller later in the afternoon. So realistically, I guess I would like to start adding some walks with Isaac and get back on track with exercising in the morning.

Belly Shot:



  1. I love that you gave in to the maternity jeans!!! I wonder why we fight it so much when it’s so much more comfortable?

    • I really don’t know! I thought that having done this before I would be more comfortable going into maternity stuff because I know that my body will go back to normal. Instead, I almost feel like since I have been pregnant before I should be able to hold out longer, which makes no sense. Eventually comfort will win out for me, though. I’m not that silly. 🙂

  2. Gotta comment on the maternity pants, too. I made the switch into them at like week 12. I mean one can barely tell you’re pregnant from looking at that picture, but the body changes so much and it just FEELS more comfortable that nothing is pressing there, dontcha think??

    Isn’t it great how pregnancy gives an aversion for sweets?! If only we all felt that way all the time! I’m hoping my eating habits become more or less permanent after the baby is born. What are the chances??

    • The aversion to sweets is nice, unfortunately, I find that when I still feel sick on occasion my diet makes the immediate regression to lots of crackers, pretzels, and about a pound of salt! I am still hoping that once I feel good all the time my diet will get cleaner. 🙂 Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming marathon!

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