Posted by: Ingrid | May 15, 2011

Grandpa’s Visit

There were many good things about my Dad coming out to visit for a week. Not only did we get to enjoy his company, but he also took Isaac on several walks a day. Since Isaac has entered a particularly annoying stage in which he wakes up, walks to the door, and then repeats: Bye? over and over and over and over until we go somewhere and then promptly picks up the refrain as soon as we walk back into the house, it was WONDERFUL to have someone take him somewhere.

Another perk to having my Dad here was the fact that he probably took more pictures in a week than I have taken in the last few months combined.  I could handle having someone come along with us and snap pictures of daily life on a regular basis.  When I am busy, sick, tired, or in a hurry, that all goes out the window.  Thanks to my Dad, we now have pictures of tulips from our time in Holland, Michigan, and he also took the time to get Isaac seated and looking like a little boy model – something I certainly have no patience for these days!  Isaac definitely misses him.  The day after my Dad left, Isaac saw a man with grayish hair moving a lawn at a house nearby.  Without missing a beat, he yelled, BA-PA!  It’s fun seeing him get to a point where he can recognize and miss other people.  It was definitely a great visit and lots of fun. 🙂



  1. Twas nice to meet your dad. You make a lovely Dutch woman! Glad your dad got to spend time with your family. I’m sure it makes him proud to see how well you’re doing. And probably makes him glad he lives in California, where it ever is warm!

  2. you could totally pull of that dutch look, easily 🙂 Great photos.

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