Posted by: Ingrid | May 18, 2011

Bumpdate: 18 Weeks

Due Date: October 19, 2011- only 22 weeks to go!  Or maybe 24… who knows.

Weight Gain:  7.5 pounds so far.  This pregnancy is staying pretty consistent with the last for weight gain in the first 20 weeks.

Symptoms:  Still threw up a handful of times but really am getting better (I think I am, I think I am).  Weird adolescent type skin ailments that I never had to deal with in adolescence.  Exhaustion.

What’s different this time:  The whole landscape of our life is different this time around which can be good, frustrating, or not so good, depending on what we’re talking about.

Cravings/Aversions:  Salt, salt, and more salt!  PF Chang’s sounds good, steak sounds good, sharp cheese sounds good.  Anything salty, really.  Sweets still don’t taste great and I will eat peanut butter only if I really need the extra calories at the end of the day.

Sleep:  The less said about that the better.  I got 5 hours last night and not more than 7 on any given day for weeks now.  Not sure what to do in that area but it’s wearing me down very very fast.

I am loving: The fact that I’m almost half way done and am mostly feeling better.

I miss:  Jeans that fit and were neither too big or too small.

Milestones:  Well, I’m now in the fifth month, which I suppose is a milestone of sorts.

I am stressing over:  Things I want to get done and not getting enough sleep.

Best moment this week: Unexpectedly receiving a huge pile of summer maternity clothes that will actually fit me this summer.  Since I was pregnant during months 8 and 9 with Isaac and didn’t really have anything for this summer and had been unsuccessful in finding things on Craigs list this was a huge blessing!  Now I have shorts, a ton of cute small shirts, a great pair of capris, and even a bathing suit.  So excited!

Movement:  Lots of movement when I slow down enough to pay attention.

It’s a:  Still thinking girl.  Refusing to think about any names until we know for sure.  I set the ultrasound date for the first Friday in June, just after 20 weeks.  Fun!

Exercise:  I had more groin tendon pain so I didn’t meet my running goal last week.  Also, the gym was closed so I didn’t lift.  I got exercise in anyway, of course, just didn’t meet my goals.

Diet:  Getting better, finally!

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Weights twice and try to run 4 times this week pain free.

Belly Shot:


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