Posted by: Ingrid | June 2, 2011

Pink or blue?

Tomorrow morning we find out (hopefully) whether or not we are having a girl or boy.  So much for being surprised!  It sounded like such a good plan for the first eight weeks or so and then… well, maybe next time around.  If there is a next time around.  I’m still a little too close to the constant nausea to commit to that idea.

In answer to people’s questions, no, we have not thought about names at all.  Except to look through the name book once to make fun of names (and if I remember, I will post some of them here because there were some real winners).  My philosophy from last pregnancy still reigns supreme.  If you get a good visual of the baby it’s better and easier to only have to think up one name rather than two.  We still have twenty weeks to think of something that goes with Rothell and doesn’t lend itself to terrible nicknames or embarrassing acronyms.

So far the verdict is out on any particular gender related feelings towards our second child.  If you go by nausea, it has been worse this time, so there’s a vote for a girl.  If we go by gut feeling, Clint and I are both guessing girl, but we were 100% wrong last time.  If you go by heart rate, which I am sort of inclined to do, it was in the 130’s at my last midwife appointment, so she is guessing a boy.  I am sure that no matter what we discover there will still be someone, like last time, who will inform me during the eighth month of pregnancy that I am having a girl because of how I am carrying, no matter what the ultrasound says.

I will say up front that it would be much easier to have a boy because of the toy and clothing issue.  I really dislike shopping, and the thought of accumulating that many pieces of tiny clothing in pink and purple makes me want to move to Africa, where it’s warm all the time and my kids can run around naked.  Plus I’ve watched mothers with their daughters and dressing them takes so much work!  Leggings?  Itsy-bitsy ruffled socks that the dryer eats en masse?  Tiny shoes to go with each outfit and size 0-3 month jeans that imply that your daughter should have barbie hips?  Eeesh.  Give me the simplicity of a boy’s wardrobe and save me the trouble.  I distinctly remember how hard it was to dress a floppy newborn in a onesie, never mind a mini skirt over ruffle-edged tights.

The thing is, I want a girl, at some point, but I think that sometimes the thought of the known frightens me more than the unknown.  I have never been a boy or had boy problems, so there is some sort of relief that no matter what my son deals with it won’t be my experience.  In my particularly pessimistic moments I debate with myself which is better; dealing with an internet porn problem or putting away monthly savings so that you can send your daughter off to an eating disorder treatment center when she gets older.  Not that there couldn’t be any number of gradations of other problems in between (or a girl with an internet porn problem or boy with an eating disorder for that matter), but there is something about knowing that if your child is the opposite of your gender their pain and disappointment (even if it’s only slightly lessened) will never feel quite as close to your own experience.

I know, I know… such a downer for a pre-ultrasound post.  I really am excited to see our baby tomorrow and to find out if we need to convince Isaac that he needs a room full of pink cars (that would be a good compromise, right?) or not.  In the meantime, what do you think?  Girl or boy? 🙂



  1. It will be a Girl … or a Boy!

  2. Girl. Then we can do the Sheldon-Mullins thing. 😉

    • You know I’m always up for a good arranged marriage!

  3. Girl…because Dad needs a grand daughter. Our immediate family has too much damn testerone these days. And, (selfishly), I’m not volunteering to have another kid, so there will be a bit more estrogen. 😛

    • You know, you can actually buy synthetic estrogen that they use in drugs if you really want more around. Have your own estrogen carrier! 😛

  4. *testosterone. I was home schooled, you’d think I’d know how to spell…or at least sound words out. Thank you, “Hooked on Phonics”.

  5. Excited to hear the baby news! And as far as girl clothes – I do dress Bella up really girly sometimes, but for the day-to-day stuff we are jeans/leggings and t-shirt kind of people. Promise it won’t be that overwhelming 🙂 And you could reuse a lot of the boy clothes with a girl.

    PS – The nausea thing is exactly what stops me in my tracks when it comes to future babies. Also? The morning sickness…it’s baaaa-aaaaack. (WEEP)

  6. I can’t wait to hear! I had the same thoughts about raising boys and girls. I thought a 2nd boy would be so much easier and would have been thrilled with another boy. But, boy oh boy do I love my super adorable sweet baby girl! Or course, she’s not 11 yet.

    And c’mon, you gotta be surprised at least once. It’s the best surprise in life!

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