Posted by: Ingrid | June 3, 2011

And it’s a…


I had two thoughts as I sat in the waiting room filling out the initial paperwork this morning.  The first was that it’s nice to know that I had no part in determining the gender of our child.  My contribution will only ever be an X chromosome.  The second thought was that no matter how you are leaning in terms of gender preference, getting ready for an ultrasound confirms that all you really want in the end is a healthy baby.

The ultrasound was awesome, most notably because this was one of those places not hospital affiliated so we didn’t have to sit in creepy silence as the tech measured and didn’t tell us anything.  From the scan we learned:

-baby has a great heart with all four chambers beating along fine

-a good looking brain and spine

-all limbs present and accounted for

-a face and ears

-is very very active

-the placenta is in the correct spot

-the baby is male

The best line from the tech was when she was trying to get our son to slow down long enough to do a gender check: “It’s a boy!  There’s the hipbone.  There’s the bladder.  And there’s the confirmation.”

According to the measurements on the ultrasound I was measuring 20-21 weeks with a due date of October 10.  Thanks to my paperwork, chart, and basal thermometer I know that’s a physical impossibility and I am still tentatively thinking of October 23rd as a possible due date although the official due date is October 19th.

On the way home husband remarked that if we only have three kids we are now only going to have to pay for potentially one wedding.  You see why I married him? 🙂

So I guess ruffled leggings and frilly dresses aren’t in our immediate future, but now that we know it’s a boy it feels like it could never be any other way.



  1. so excited for you! isaac will love having a little brother!

  2. Sounds like a man response. I am happy for all of you. Celebrate with peanut butter ice cream, I hope.

  3. Congrats Ingrid, so happy for you guys!

  4. Well, if you didn’t have any part in determining the gender, it must be in the water —- all over the world. We’re all having boys!!! Yay! It is weird. I remember being a little disappointed when I learned I would be having another boy – but now in all honesty, I’d be almost disappointed if it actually ended up being a girl. Boys are just too much fun! So congrats! And be glad you don’t have to buy new clothing :).

    You are absolutely right to believe your last menstrual period and day of ovulation over an ultrasound so late in pregnancy. So Oct. 23rd is probably about as right on as you can get.

  5. Woo hoo! Congrats!

  6. Congratulations! We just had our scan this morning for our first, and it’s a BOY! We are so excited! Can’t wait! And Clint’s right – no wedding to pay for is the icing on the top. 😉

    • Hurray for little boys! Congrats to you as well. 🙂

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