Posted by: Ingrid | June 17, 2011

Developmental Psych ate my life

Which I’m guessing is a better option than my toddler eating my homework, right?  Considering the non-food items he has consumed that is not out of the realm of improbablility, unfortunately.

So for those who didn’t know, I enrolled in a 7 week Developmental Psych class.  I did this partly because it’s the last opportunity to take a class before baby #2, partly because with state budget cuts the program I am a part of was cut (at least temporarily) and it was hard to turn down $600 worth of books and class, plus this was a class I was actually interested in (as opposed to, say, Chemistry).  So I committed and now, with three weeks to go, have realized just how much it’s cut into life, blogging, and a good many other things.  But it is only 7 weeks and the over-educated prof (2 BA’s, a Master’s, and 2 PhD’s) is interesting.  So all that to say, I have had lots and lots on my mind and nearly no time to write about anything.  But I will be back.  Unfortunately, what with pregnancy brain and all I probably won’t remember all of the pressing blogs I meant to write.  Oh, well.

Some highlights from class so far:

Realizing that my pregnancy hormones are in full swing.  We had to watch a video of an experiment where toddlers were observed with their mom, then left with a researcher, then left on their own… that sort of thing.  This poor boy, right at the age where kids can stand but can’t really move around yet, totally fell apart when he was left by himself for three minutes.  He stood there, rocking back and forth, unable to actually walk, sobbing his heart out.

I almost joined him.  Fortunately, I caught myself before I started sobbing.  That would have been embarrassing.

And speaking of embarrassing, in our section on prenatal development and birth we had another video to watch.  It consisted (sans sound) of the last 5 minutes of a woman giving birth naturally: the pushing, crowning, and birth.  And the whole time the camera was focused on the baby’s emerging head.  That was it.  First of all, I have never heard so many squeamish “Ew, do we have to watch that?” comments from a class of mostly pre-nursing students (40 nursing students to 5 psych students in the class).  But the best part was when one of the male psych students in the back row fell out of his chair and almost passed out as the baby was crowning.  Yet another reason why men don’t give birth, I guess.

All in all, it’s a really interesting class (and did I mention it’s all done in 7 weeks?).  At the same time, now that the second half of pregnancy is ticking away (albeit slowly) I am feeling slightly nervous that I haven’t itemized clothing and figured out a list of baby things and completely reorganized our house.  Because I would much much MUCH rather wash tiny baby clothes than try to figure out a 30 minute group presentation.

Anyway, that’s where my life has been recently, speeding down the developmental timeline.  There will be more later, when I once again have a life.


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