Posted by: Ingrid | June 20, 2011

Nursling no longer

Having gone an entire week without nursing, I think I can safely say that we have weaned.  And honestly, this summer project which I’ve been reluctant to tackle, has not been nearly as excrutiating as I guessed it might be.  When I got pregnant I kind of wondered what direction we were headed.  I know that tandem nursing is possible, but I really didn’t think it was in my future.  Aside from getting flack from my doctor, who I don’t really like anyway, about the fact that I’d continued nursing (gasp!) past a year, I really didn’t have any qualms about nursing a young toddler.  I mean, they’re finally getting to an age where, when you sit down and say you feel like a milk cow, they look at you and moo.  What’s not fun about that?  Besides, the World Health Organization recommends nursing through age 2, so I really didn’t feel particularly weird for continuing past the year mark.

Besides, you can do a lot of reading when you’re still nursing a toddler four times a day.  You would not believe the number of novels I’ve gotten through since January.  Loved it.

So we played it by ear, and eventually it became clear that Isaac was not one to wean himself, did not mind that I was pregnant again, and my body was apparently capable of being pregnant and nursing simultaneously.  At that point I decided that somewhere between baby 1 and baby 2 there had to be a nursing break and I settled on the arbitrary week 25.

I had horrible visions of Isaac smacking my chest and pitifully crying Maaaaahhhhh (milk), which, fortunately for me, has not happened at all.  My fears that he wouldn’t nap or sleep post-nursing have not been realized, he seems to be eating okay, and really, once we cut down to twice a day he began to lose interest.

Truth be told, I actually lost interest first, namely at the point I couldn’t read a book for more than 30 seconds during a nursing session.  Once that happened I was done and we quit the last two sessions all at once.  I am not getting through books nearly as quickly now!

I have to say, I don’t regret at all going to 22 months, even though I felt like I was getting starting to get all crazy and La Leche League nursing a toddler.  I would do it all again, just maybe make sure he did better with a bottle.  It was strange to realize that I was afraid that once he weaned he wouldn’t need me, that somehow I would become expendable.  It’s been nice seeing that, even though he doesn’t need me in the same way, we can still do lots of singing and reading and cuddling before bed and nap time.

And now someone other than me can put him to bed.  Score!



  1. You’re a wonderful mom. I’m not sure this will always be comforting, but I hear your kids will always need you…unfortunately, it doesn’t always come in forms we prefer…I’m just saying what I heard.

    I love you.

    • I want him to need me, but I also want him to need me in a way that also allows me ample reading time. Is that too much to ask?

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