Posted by: Ingrid | July 7, 2011

Budding Artistic Interest

Today Isaac showed his first interest in anything drawing and art related.

Unfortunately it happened to be while I was getting dressed in my room after one of those mornings during which everything goes wrong.  Also, it happened to involve Clint’s yellow highlighter.  And the wall.

I heard cries of: Car!  Car! Car! and emerged from the room to find Isaac frantically scribbling all over.  He took one look at me and continued his frenzied artistic endeavor until I scooped him up and confiscated the highlighter.

And then I took pictures.

Fortunately it was yellow.

Fortunately it mostly washed off.

Fortunately his medium of choice was not black thick-tipped sharpie.



  1. yikes! Olivia has not started coloring on the walls…yet. But she has taken to TRY to color on the couch, tile floor, etc…ahh toddlers!

  2. I taught him that!

    • Well, you also helped organize, installed blackout curtains, and stayed with a toddler for 27 hours, so we will forgive you for teaching him how to make wall murals… 🙂

  3. haha! we’ve gotten pretty careful about markers around here. we pretty much own the crayola color wonder markers. though, you could ask the davidsons about the time we so aptly babysat their kids and zach took a black pastel from mac’s paint set and colored their lovely white laptop a nice shade of black…. 🙂 thankfully they were understanding that we were clearly inept sitters 🙂 or maybe they are just great parents of 3 kids! 🙂

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