Posted by: Ingrid | August 3, 2011

Bumpdate: 29 Weeks

Due Date: October 19, 2011 – 77 days to go – the countdown continues.

Weight Gain:  I am up fully 19.5 pounds and pretty baffled and frustrated by it.  That is about where I wanted to end this pregnancy and is a good 3 pounds higher than last time around at this point.  I can’t eat any less and I don’t get how I could gain almost 20 pounds eating the amount that allowed me to maintain in the low to mid 120’s before I got pregnant.  Does pregnancy mess up your metabolism that much?  It doesn’t make any sense.

Symptoms:  Tiredness and mild heartburn are about it.  Aside from that, I am loathing the varicose veins that seem to be a part of this pregnancy.  Ick.  At least we will be transitioning to pants in a month or so as it starts cooling off.  Because it will cool off soon.  RIGHT?

What’s different this time:  This time I am acutely aware of the fact that while I am done, very very DONE, with sharing my body with another person I don’t want the alternative of taking care of a newborn right now either.  Last time around we had signed up for Bradley classes by now.  This time I’m conferring with husband:  Should we maybe talk about that birthing thing again?  Do you remember how to take care of an infant?

Cravings/Aversions:  Not a whole lot.  I am a pretty boring pregnant lady on the craving front.  No fast food at midnight.  No Ben & Jerry’s hoarded all to myself under the covers.  I have finally conquered my aversion to my prenatal vitamin (stopped taking it around 20 weeks) and am taking it again like a good pregnant woman.

Sleep:  Meh.  I could always use more.  I wish I didn’t become such a light sleeper when pregnant, but I hear EVERYTHING.  And for some reason husband’s allergies always flare up like crazy at night and in the morning, which is just not a good combo.  This is why God made ear plugs.  While wearing them I sleep like a semi-normal human being.

I am loving:  That we are in August, which means that I only have to get through two full months and one partial month before my due date.  Also we are going away on a retreat next week and I am hoping to be able to sleep in a bit since we won’t have Isaac with us.  Maybe I can catch up on sleep then?

I miss:  Running.  I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been able to run since Memorial Day.  I really dislike being sidelined like this.  I also miss my body more and more as I get bigger.  Why did I take my pre-pregnant body for granted?

Milestones:  No doubt about it, every website and book now acknowledges that I am in the third trimester.

Best moment this week:  Taking a five mile run the other day, which I have been paying for ever since.  Sometimes you just have to go run and take the consequences.

I am stressing over:  Weight gain and being bigger than last time.  I am also kind of stressed about Isaac’s sleeping and eating habits.  Sleep has been good until a few days ago and now there is constant screaming at bed and nap time.  As in, he has no voice anymore.  It’s awful.  Plus it’s really hard to get him to eat.  You can only feed your toddler so much peanut butter at the end of the night.

Movement:  Lots.  Fortunately, while he seems to wake up during the night when I do, he doesn’t actually keep me awake with his bumping around.

It’s a:  Boy.  Finally started the sorting of the baby boy clothes project.  I’m glad I’m working on that now!

Exercise:  A one mile run and a five mile run, coupled with weights and lots of cross training.  It’s nice to be back home in a familiar setting.

Diet:  My diet is pretty good.  I think the fact that it is makes it more bothersome to me that my body seems to want to gain more weight this time around.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Just keep at it.  I am hoping to get in and lift weights 3 times this week so that I can finish off a level in New Rules of Lifting.  Next week we are traveling, so hopefully I can figure something to do then out then.  Maybe try running again while I’m gone so that I can effectively put myself out of commission for another week…

Belly shot:



  1. Ahh, I hear you on wanting to be done and (as you said in your last bumpdate) being a little jealous of the people who recently got it over with! And I miss running so much. I mean real running, not waddling around hoping my intestines cooperate for the next half an hour.

    As for weight: Pregnancy negates the whole concept of a metabolism and replaces it with something fully alien and inexplicable. I think all you can do is shrug your shoulders and keep eating healthy. The extra weight will disappear eventually! (Right? RIGHT??? That’s what I thought.)

    Random observation: Maybe your husband is allergic to dust mites, which looove bedding more than anything. Miteproof pillowcases and mattress covers can work wonders.

    Does your baby have really active days and really inactive days? I think mine has already internalized the “hard/easy” training concept…

    Hang in there, soon the number of remaining weeks will be single-digit! Woohoo!

    • I like your take on pregnancy metabolism – so true! And I know that as active as we both are the weight will come off… I just prefer to not have it to lose in the first place! You are right, my husband is allergic to dust mites, so yesterday I totally cleaned our bedroom and things were much much better last night. It’s just so much work to deal with! Especially while pregnant. Not that I particularly like doing laundry, dusting, or vaccuming when I’m not pregnant.

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