Posted by: Ingrid | August 10, 2011

Bumpdate: Week 30

Due Date: October 19, 2011 – 70 days (or so) to go!

Weight Gain:  I was holding steady at 18.5 pounds up half a week ago.  We will see where I’m at coming off of vacation.

Symptoms:  Tiredness and crankiness.  Also, I am tired of enormous pregnancy sneezes.  So annoying.

What’s different this time:  Have I mentioned how glad I am to not have to pack up the entire house and move across the country?  That definitely changes the dynamics of pregnancy dramatically.  Also different, my baby turns two today – definitely new from the last time I was pregnant!

Cravings/Aversions:  Salt and protein are top of the craving list right now.  We have been on retreat and there has been an abundance of carbs and not much protein.  I am definitely feeling it!

Sleep:  More sleep, please?  More, more, more!

I am loving:  The fact that we are having some toddler free time this week (even though I feel somewhat guilty for missing Isaac’s birthday today).  It’s nice to wake up on our own schedule.  I also LOVE the fact that if we end up having three kids I only have to be pregnant for less than an entire year of my life at this point.

I miss:  I am really missing running these days.  I am trying not to hate people who throw out the comment: I’m off for a run now…  I am surviving, but I have not had “real” pain free running since about 10 weeks pregnant and I am feeling the loss.

Milestones:  Thirty weeks is 3/4 of the way through.  I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with this pregnancy thing, like there might be an actual end in sight (and please don’t remind me that it’s an end fraught with sleep deprivation).

Best moment this week:  Getting lots of uninterrupted couple time.

I am stressing over:  Dealing with Isaac’s sleep habits when we return home in a few days.  Not looking forward to that at all.  Also, we have a 14 hour drive home (split up over 3 days, fortunately) and I am finding that, especially when pregnant, I do not travel well.  My legs fall asleep and I have all of these baby parts jammed up in my ribs.

Movement:  Yes.  I feel like he’s growing more inward than out, so things are feel a little tight in there right now as he kicks and jabs.

It’s a:  Boy.

Exercise:  Cross training, Jillian Michael’s Cardio DVD, and several walks at the camp in Kansas where we are at right now.  Not as much as I would like, but decent for the unpredictability of traveling.  I did finish level 4 in New Rules last week, which felt good.

Diet:  Okay, but I am looking forward to cleaning it up once we get home from our trip.  I feel like we have been in and out all summer and I am ready to be home and back to normal in lots of areas of life.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Starting level 5 in New Rules on Monday.  5K on Saturday, which I need to blog about soon.  Hopefully I can run it rather than walk, but every time I’ve tried to run at all this week I either got side cramps or my groin immediately hurt.  Also hoping to do more walking along with cross training and start doing the Bradley exercises that I have been ignoring up until this point.

Belly Shot: Yes, our cabin at camp really was so small that I could not take a picture of myself without husband appearing in it as well!



  1. Gotta say you still look amazing for 30 weeks, belly not very big!! Sucks not to run, at least after the pregnancy you should be able to make running a possibility, I’m sure the cross-training is helping though. Glad you could get some real sleep this week! Enjoy the travelling.

    • Thanks! I am definitely grateful for cross training. It’s just nerve wracking not knowing if running will go back to normal after giving birth. I am glad that there is a bike and elliptical nearby, however – they are helping me stay sane!

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