Posted by: Ingrid | August 20, 2011

Two Years Old: A belated review

On August 10th, Isaac turned two.  We weren’t actually there for his big day as we were in Kansas on a retreat, but I heard it included Elmo, carrot cake (that’s my boy!), and the park, which in little boy terms makes it a definite winner.  On a blog I follow, I’d seen one mom do a yearly re-cap for her daughter’s second year.  Now that was something I felt I could reasonably do within a month of Isaac turning two.  Unlike his first year scrapbook that is going to be done… um… sometime in the next 8.5 weeks before my due date.  Along with organizing everything in the house and cataloging all of our books.

Isaac’s second year marked his first steps, hair (which I cannot yet bring myself to cut), a language explosion in July, and the ability to finally get both feet off the ground when he jumps.  I look forward to seeing what year three has in store for us!

12 Months: Covered in frosting

13 Months: Of course the magnets belong in the broiler

14 Months: Autumn leaves

15 Months: Car seats become toys when they aren’t actually in the car

16 Months: Who did my parents just leave me with???

17 Months: Berry messy

18 Months: Still waiting on the rest of my armor to come in

19 Months: Must. Get. Camera.

20 Months: Floor model

21 Months: Why yes, he is reading the truck ads.

22 Months: Rub-a-dub-dub

23 Months: Look!  I grew hair!

24 Months: Two-year-old cool

Happy two years, Isaac!



  1. Love it!

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