Posted by: Ingrid | September 8, 2011

It’s personal

Which is one of the things I like best about going with a midwife and home birth.  So far my midwife has come out for the last two appointments, the most recent being two days ago for 34 weeks.  She is usually here for about an hour, which was the time frame for my nurse-midwife appointments for Isaac at the hospital as well.  But when I thought about the breakdown of time it usually went like this:

15 minutes in the waiting room.

10 minutes for the pee in a cup, talk with the nurse’s assistant, get my blood pressure taken bit.

10-15 minutes in the exam room waiting for the doctor or nurse-midwife.

10-15 minutes for my actual appointment.

5 minutes sitting down to schedule the next appointment and get any information printed out.

Throw in the 40 minute round trip and there wasn’t a whole lot of actual doctor visit going on.  It’s great to just be sitting in my own living room for my appointments now, being asked about how I’m feeling about having a second child and if I’ve ordered my birthing kit and where I would like the birthing tub.  I love that it makes the upcoming birth feel like a more natural part of our lives, it normalizes it somehow.

So at 34 weeks I am measuring 30 weeks (baby insists on hanging out on one side or the other), with blood pressure at 98/58, and a very active baby with a strong heart beat.  He is head down and fairly low and likes getting the hiccups.

And yes, I have my birth kit and pool liner on hand, know how to turn up the water heater, and am just getting to the point where I really remember just how much I disliked two days of contractions.  Two days… I am almost positive that the experience will be vastly different this time around, but boy that memory makes me cringe.

Good thing we don’t usually think about contractions and labor when we think about getting pregnant again.  That temporary amnesia is definitely good for baby production!  So far, at 34 weeks I am very happy with going the midwife and home birth route.  Can’t believe that we are actually going to have another baby in our arms in less than two months!



  1. Ingrid, if it is ANY comfort, my first labor with Lucy was 42 hours long. With Mary, it was only 2 1/2. So, there i HOPE! All my labors were short after Lucy. And easier. It is much easier to get in to a rythym (especially if you’re physically active) with shorter labors. Have hope! Will pray for you!

    • That’s an exciting prospect to hold onto, Kelly. Thanks! I am hoping that without the home to hospital back and forth we had going on last time it will be easier to just have a baby. 🙂

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