Posted by: Ingrid | September 21, 2011

Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

Due Date: October 19, 2011 –  28 days!  Can it really be getting that close?

Weight Gain:  No idea.  Though I was still at 22.5 three days ago when I weighed myself last.

Symptoms:  Tiredness and clumsiness with a side of occasional heartburn.  Mostly I just feel big and tired of feeling big and having to haul this belly around with me.  But then I consider that I don’t have to change diapers or nurse every two hours or figure out the best way to carry the baby around and feeling big doesn’t feel (too) bad.

What’s different this time:  Braxton Hicks contractions.  I remember them happening last time, mostly when I ran, and it just felt like everything tightened up.  PSA to all women pregnant with their second: they can actually be somewhat painful the second time around.  Another thing no one tells you until it’s too late.

Cravings/Aversions:  Not much happening on this front, though, sadly, we are out of blue cheese AGAIN.  And eggs.  What am I going to eat!?!

Sleep:  Sleep has continued to be good for both me and Isaac and I am sleeping pretty solidly.  Aside from flopping from side to side throughout the night with body pillow in tow (Sorry, husband!), I am doing quite well.

I am loving: That things are a little less stressful right now and it feels like we finally have some breathing room.  Also, my wonderful husband is giving me the day on Friday…. he is staying with Isaac and I get to go out and do whatever I want.  Don’t I have a wonderful husband!?! 🙂

I miss: Bending over with ease and my old clothes that fit my old body.

Are you nesting?  Every day I pour over my list and try to get little projects started and things checked off.  There’s just so much to do!

Milestones:  I am 9/10 of the way to full term and some books and websites consider me full term (I wait for the 37 week mark – not that it really means anything anyway…).

Best moment this week: Getting to go out with my husband and crossing things off of my nesting list.

I am stressing over:  Five days alone with a toddler while husband is gone at a conference.  Also starting to stress about whether or not the baby weight will come off quickly this time.  Definitely vain, but also definitely true.  Biggest stress is (after observing Isaac with other babies) that baby #2 will not survive his older sibling’s manhandling (toddlerhandling?)

Also, what if the baby never comes and I am pregnant FOREVER?????

Movement:  The movement has turned into lots of hiccups and stretching.  Unfortunately, there is not much room to stretch in there anymore!

It’s a:  Boy.  It had better be a boy.  I have no emotional or financial resources with which to outfit a girl.

Exercise:  I never made it to all the miles I had to run because the groin pain came back at random intervals over the past week so I am trying to be smart and stick with cross training.  More notable than my same-old hour plus on the bike or elliptical was the fact that I (gasp!) took a rest day on Sunday and did nothing for the first time in probably 6 weeks… maybe more.

Diet: Diet continues to be good.  I am not particularly monitoring my protein, but am trying to get 100 or so grams per day as recommended by the Bradley method.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Just keep going with everything.  I can cross-train for 28-ish more days without going crazy.  I think I can.  I think I can.  Also, I would like to throw in some weights… I sort of let those slide a while back because of time and because I don’t see results while pregnant.  I would also like to get in my Bradley exercises every day for the next 4 weeks.

Belly Shot:


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