Posted by: Ingrid | October 2, 2011

Week 37B

Last time I was pregnant I resolved to not tell anyone the due date the next time around.  Or to maybe tell them a date two weeks after the due date.  Definitely the plan was not to let people know an exact date they could pin their hopes on, since I learned, on my official due date with Isaac, that that was a very bad thing to do.  Disneyland, the Harry Potter movie, and then fireworks at Disneyland in the evening and then I woke up on the 6th, still pregnant.

Oh, the horror.

Because that’s when I knew that I was going to be pregnant forever.  That I would be walking around, perpetually navigating an unwieldy watermelon-sized belly that made putting on my running shoes and shaving my legs near physical impossibilities.  And people kept calling and asking if I was still pregnant.  As if I wasn’t planning on letting the world know the big news.  No due date announcement next time around, was my firm resolve.

Unfortunately, that whole not telling the due date bit got forgotten in the 17 months between giving birth and getting pregnant again.  This time, I also had a choice.  I could do the general due date calculator route that got me to my due date on October 19th (give or take 2 weeks).  Or I could go with my own personal information which put me there on the 23rd.  As I was trying to figure out which route I wanted to take, the one that was more truthful or the one that got me there faster, I hit the all-day-sickness-that-lasts-until-22-weeks stage.  At that point, purely out of self-preservation, I could not push my due date back further.  It hurt too much to even consider.  When you are 7 weeks pregnant and feeling miserable, the last thing you want is to acknowledge that you are really only 6.5 weeks along.  Do not even ask a pregnant woman to do that.  But then, when the nausea clears and you are plodding though mid-pregnancy, you really don’t want to go backwards, either, since things are going so slow.  In fact, I can think of no time during pregnancy that I really want to go back and be less pregnant than I prefer to think I am.

So I stuck with October 19th.

Now I am officially in my “due month”  and am realizing that the half a week I have skipped so far is going to come back and haunt me.  I was 5 days late with Isaac, which is by no means a prediction for baby #2, but is still on my mind.  If I go with generic due date instead of the real one and am 5 days late it will really end up being 9 days.  Nine days of people calling and texting and sending me messages on FaceBook to be sure that they have not missed the birth of my child.  So for the sake of my sanity come end of October, I am having to face the truth.

I get to have two due dates instead of only one!  Since pregnancy is really just about finding enough milestones to stay sane and get through 38-42 weeks of weird and sometimes random bodily change, I have decided to celebrate due date A (every Wednesday) and due date B (every Sunday).  Slightly confusing, perhaps, but I still don’t think I can fully commit to October 23rd.  If I am 2 weeks late that pushes me into November.  And since November contains both Clint’s birthday and our anniversary, such a possibility is unacceptable.

So happy Week 37B to me!  For the pregnant woman who always needs options.



  1. You’re so funny!

  2. Had you delivered Isaac in France, you would have been two days AHEAD of your due date, since you’re considered full term only at 41 weeks here! Think about it that way, and it may make you feel better!

    • I think we should adopt that perspective over here. Talk about taking some of the pressure off! 🙂

  3. Haha! I can so relate….

  4. My due date is, officially, October 20 with my Baby #1. You can read about it here: if you want…but I hear you on not wanting to be LESS pregnant. Last week at my doctor’s appointment, he said we’d talk about my ‘options’ this MONDAY at the appointment. Which was a week sooner than I anticipated, so I. AM. PUMPED. Hang in there!!!

    • How exciting! I can’t believe that they are talking about options this soon either. If only the 20+ pounds around our mid-sections could be removed at night (at least I am hoping it’s all in my mid-section!) late pregnancy would be much more bearable. Good luck on coming in close to your due date! 🙂

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