Posted by: Ingrid | October 10, 2011

A different kind of quiet

This past weekend, thanks to the cooperation of my wonderful husband, my toddler, and my soon-to-be-born child who did not start labor early, I was able to get away for a 24 hour private retreat.  I had wanted to do this in August but things were too busy.  Suddenly it was early October and, on a whim, I checked with the retreat house and they had space for me so, at my husband’s prodding and despite my protestations, off I went.  As much as I like quiet and space, it was really hard at first to take this 24 hours as a retreat rather than a free day to grocery shop and run errands and keep very busy like I was able to do a few weeks ago.  The productivity unleashed when I don’t have to take a toddler in and out of his car seat is astounding.

I ended up being so glad that I took the time, despite a rough start in which I didn’t estimate enough time to get there, our car’s sound system didn’t work and I couldn’t listen to anything for the 90 minute drive (ironically enough, I was heading to a silent retreat, so this was probably good), and I also left every single toiletry item I packed sitting in the house.  No toothbrush, no makeup, no hair brush… it annoys me so much when things don’t run smoothly and I forget things, so that was not an impressive start.

I was relieved to find out that Manresa Retreat house offered guided retreats because, at this point in pregnancy, I didn’t feel capable of or decisive enough to  plan something even for only 24 hours.  I would have had a huge stack of books with me and no idea where to start and would have made nesting to-do lists the entire time.  Instead, I was able to have a sense of direction, an almost 2 hour nap, silence, and a beautiful setting in which to pray and read and think about the upcoming changes to our family.  It was a fantastic end-of-pregnancy gift from Clint, who got to have 24 hour toddler patrol which is not nearly as restful or quiet. 🙂





  1. So lovely, Ingrid. I’m glad you got this time.

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