Posted by: Ingrid | October 11, 2011

Is he two?

Why, yes he is.

That’s what the nice librarian asked, right after Isaac decided that the best game ever was to grab cds off the rack, run to the handicap button, open the door, and book his cloth-diapered rear end down the ramp.  When I caught him, returned the cds, and contained him in his stroller, he screamed like I was yanking out his finger nails.

I have decided that there is nothing like parenting a two-year old to make you feel like you are the most incredible person in the world, like when I come home and Isaac greets me with: Hello Mommy!  Good Moh-ning!  Hi!  Want hug?.  But five minutes later you may be facing humiliation galore as your toddler goes ballistic and screams for apparently no reason.  In public.  Preferably the most public place possible.

Like when we were leaving church one Sunday and I had already lugged my 25 pound child from the nursery to the door and all we had to do was get across the parking lot to get home.  And he loves running across the parking lot.  Except that this time around he wanted to be carried and I didn’t want to carry him any more.  So I set him down, told him to hold my hand and he threw himself to the ground right there on the steps, screamed and thrashed hysterically, finally getting to his feet and demanding: UP?!?  We repeated this no fewer than five times right there at the exit, with me calmly ignoring the tantrum and offering to hold his hand as everyone and their mother left the building.  Without throwing a tantrum.

There are definitely fun parts to having a two-year-old, like the fact that he thinks everyone and everything needs a hug.  He can chase squirrels around for a very long time now, yelling:  Hug!  HUG!  And it is so funny to watch those poor squirrels run.  And his faith in me as his parent is amazing at times.  We were out the other evening and when I pointed out that the sliver of a moon was already out he reached out both arms and asked: Moon?  You get it?  Want hug?

My son actually thinks that I can get him the moon so that he can hug it.  I’m guessing that won’t last long.

He is also running circles around us these days (That’s what you get for running while you were pregnant, several people have said, as if two-year-olds weren’t prone to having lots of additional energy already).  More running, Daddy?  is one of the first things he asks Clint when he walks in the door.  Which means, please chase me around the kitchen and living room for as long as you can possibly handle it.

At some point in the past month, while putting Isaac to bed, I let slip one of those inane comments: Don’t let the bed bugs bite!  As if, for one, we had bed bugs, and secondly, that I would want him to be lying in his crib worrying about bugs biting him.  I didn’t think anything of it, until the next time I put him in his crib he yelled after me:  Bah-bah-bah-BUGS!  Which is now his trademark goodnight both at naps and in the evening.  And sometimes in the middle of phone conversations.

Isaac has also started singing bits of songs that he hears a lot as well as having conversations between matchbox cars and his Thomas the Train engine.  They mostly say things like:  Good moh-ning, I miss you.  Help, please!  Hello Thomas! and it is precious to hear him at play.  He then counteracts the sweet factor by running over all the cars with a large dump truck…

Yes, this is our life right now.  Crazy.  Active.  Involving many readings of The Cat in the Hat and The Little Engine that Could, and set to the backdrop of a Veggietales CD that Isaac has not yet tired of.  Unfortunately, it comes out as “Weggietales”, which brings to mind angsty high school hallways rather than friendly vegetables.  Weggietales:  High School Stories of the Picked-on and Outcast.  Coming soon to a bookstore near you.

Crazy to think that soon there will be a two-year-old and a baby.  A BABY.  Yikes!  And I know one two-year-old who will not be babysitting any time soon.  Unless you take “baby sitting” very very literally.



  1. thanks for posting this! I feel like my two year old is the same age. So sweet, energetic and fun but man, she can throw a temper tantrum so quickly when things don’t quite go her way! So glad you were able to enjoy some quiet time at your retreat. We often have silent retreats in my area and as a younger person I thought this would have been so hard but with a busy family, it is starting to sound wonderful!

  2. You’re a wonderful mother. Isaac is a wonderful kid. You’re doing the right thing ignoring (and not giving in) tantrums. Praying for you …

  3. Yes, this sounds like a…hmmm…work-intensive phase 🙂 But OMG, how CUTE is he???? That last photo! My heart is melting!

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