Posted by: Ingrid | October 12, 2011

Bumpdate: Week 39A

Due Date: October 19 or 23, 2011 –  I can finally say that I have a week to a week and a half before my due date.

Weight Gain:  Didn’t weigh myself today and may not for the rest of the pregnancy.  It’s just so up and down.

Symptoms: I have had horrible groin pain on and off all week with no correlation to what I am doing.  It switches sides and makes standing up or even walking around the house excrutiating at times.  Then it will disappear and come back later.  So frustrating!  So not conducive for getting outside to appreciate the beautiful weather we have been having.  Another symptom I have been having is utter inability to deal with changes in plans.  I have specifically planned the week to stay busy and when all of today’s plans fell through I was not a happy camper.

What’s different this time:  I feel so tired and ready to be done.  My pregnancy updates tell me I am supposed to be using this time to “lounge”.  I think pregnancy updates need to take into consideration whether or not you already have a child at home and whether or not they know the definition of the word “lounge”.

Cravings/Aversions:  Give me all things pumpkin and lots of blue cheese.  But not together!  Definite aversion to late stage pregnancy.

Sleep:  I have developed a sensitivity to noise and light when sleeping while pregnant and in a small house with a husband with erratic sleep habits, this is problematic.  Most nights are great.  Fortunately, it is still warm enough for me to send husband outside to sleep in the yard on the other nights… He says the leaves are actually quite comfortable.

I am loving:  Um… the fact that I scored pumpkin cream cheese and pumpkin ice cream on the same shopping expedition.  Also the fact that over the course of 6 weeks post-baby my Dad, a dear friend, and my MIL will all be coming at various points.

I miss: Pain-free walking and my non-pregnant body and pants with zippers.  Also, I was at the gym on the elliptical yesterday reading Born to Run and came across a quote by Roger Bannister:  “Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up.  It knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed.  Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up.  It knows it must run faster than the slowest gazelle, or it will starve.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lion or a gazelle – when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”

And that quote about gazelles and lions made me tear up and almost start crying in the middle of the gym.  So I think I miss running.  That or my pregnant self was disturbed that somewhere a lion was chasing a gazelle.  A gazelle that a mother gazelle gave birth to and was pregnant with for however long the gazellian gestational period happens to be.

Induction methods that I am willing to entertain at this point:  Drinking raspberry leaf tea, primrose oil, jumping jacks, and fiddling with various pressure points.

Are you nesting?  Yes.  Still.  I feel like, for every project I complete I add two new ones.  The latest additions being get the car cd player fixed and make apple butter.

Milestones: My two white maternity camisole tops no longer cover the bottom of my stomach.  Time to come out, baby.  Also, baby is the size (but not the proportions, thank heavens) of a watermelon.

Best moment this week: Definitely the retreat I was able to take over the weekend.  Though coming home to my happy husband and son was just as sweet.

I am stressing over:  I am really afraid that I am going to not get enough sleep one night and then go into labor the following day.  I am not a good stay-up-all-night person in general (and labor usually seems to keep one from sleeping for a least a night, if not the next 6 months.  I am also stressed at the possibility of having a November baby if I go really late.

Movement:  Baby Boy is still very active and likes to experiment with pushing my stomach out at strange angles.  Come out!  There’s so much more space here!

It’s a:  Boy.

Exercise:  Elliptical, bike, 30 Day Shred, and some short walks.  I am now unable to fully do a push up when doing 30 Day Shred because my stomach hits the ground.

Diet: Can I get all of my daily calcium from eating pumpkin spice cream cheese and pumpkin ice cream?  If so, then we’re good!

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Must.  Keep.  Going.  I am also trying to add in Jillian Michael’s Shred DVD every other day.

Belly Shot:



  1. If you need some more things to do, I have a whole list (any takers for “setup Internet in Colorado Springs”?). Also, gestational time for a gazelle=5.5-6 months. Google is a wonderful thing!

    • Those lucky, lucky gazelles… 🙂 Also, I do have a list of things to do but most of the are not toddler friendly (or nap time friendly) leaving me very little time to get them done!

  2. GrannyG wants a phone call or text the minute you’re up to it if she’s not in town when baby boy comes!

    • Sounds good! You will definitely be notified!

  3. Oh yes. Yes to everything from over here in Week 41 😀 Everyone keeps saying “but you KNOW it will be over SOON, right?” I’m not so sure.

    Never thought I’d be jealous of a pregnant gazelle!

    • I remember being in week 41 and I don’t look forward to potentially being back! I just remember feeling like everyone, friends,doctors, etc. who made comments about how I would be early because I ran were all a bunch of LIARS. I hope that you’re finding ways to have fun, keep busy, and not go completely crazy!

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