Posted by: Ingrid | October 16, 2011

Week 39B: Crunching the numbers

I can now say with full confidence that I am a week out from my due date.  I can also say that my biggest fear at this point is that I’m going to spend all this time waiting and thinking: Comeoutcomeoutcomeout!!!!!! only to have the baby and two days later be thinking: Gobackgobackgoback!!!!

I can’t tell you how much better I felt yesterday after I crunched the numbers from my last pregnancy.  End of pregnancy is, after all, a great time to rationalize (rather than think rationally and logically that baby will show up whenever he wants).  So I was thinking about it and realized that even though Isaac was due the 5th and was born 5 days later, technically my labor began the morning of the 8th.  So really I only got a late start by 3 days.  It wasn’t my fault it took so long to get him out!

That made me feel a little better.

Then, since I am weird like this, I went back and looked at the charting that I’d done when I got pregnant and discovered that, had I known what the numbers really meant, my official due date should have been August 8.  And that’s the day I went into labor.

Suddenly the world was sunny and wonderful once more because I realized that Isaac was right on time.  And maybe Baby Boy #2 will be right on time as well.  Maybe my gestational self likes to be punctual when delivering babies.  And maybe I will have a baby next Sunday!

So I feel better.

But if there is nothing going on come October 24th that will be a whole other story.  Now I am trying to get lots and lots of things on the agenda so that I can keep myself busy.  I am finding that I am very one-track-minded right now, which means that it is hard to focus on the constant demands of a toddler when I just. want. baby. out.

I am also finding it funny that while I am looking at my gigantic stomach and demanding: Baby!  Come out!  Husband is looking at the same stomach and saying in rather panicky tones: Not yet!  I was looking for various acupressure points last night that supposedly help induce labor (if your body is ready).  Husband saw me rubbing my ankle and his eyes got wide.  What are you doing?!?  He demanded  As though pressure points were some magical eject button and the baby was going to come flying out.


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