Posted by: Ingrid | October 17, 2011

Let’s talk nesting

Since I can’t very well talk about having a baby.

I have been nesting since September.  I no longer wonder if my urge to CLEAN!  EVERYTHING!  NOW! is a sign of impending labor, because if that were a marker Baby Boy would already be several months old.  It has been relentless, this list making and house cleaning and project scheming.  I still think that I am making up for last time, when nesting was not an option due to a cross country move.  My project then was to send off a zillion thank you cards for shower gifts and try to figure out, with zero experience, what my son would need to have out for his first two weeks of life in California.  (Diaper warmer?  Not so much.)

I may have laughed at the supposed nesting instinct in the past, but I do not laugh any more.  This is a true and undeniable, irresistible, untamed force, that has caused me to clean in places that I have never cleaned our entire two years in our house and to buy things like a popcorn maker, hanging fruit basket, and candle sconces.  Why does the baby need candle holders on the wall?  I don’t know.  But you do not question the baby.

I have returned items, made phone calls, and scrubbed things that otherwise would have been left alone or procrastinated over.  Going on the list of things I am quite proud of are finally getting our car fixed, finally getting us in to see the dentist, finding a riser for our bed and storing clothing under it, purchasing an air purifier that seems to really help Clint’s allergies, filling our freezers with meals (there is no room for ice cream anymore!), and updating our Christmas card list.

I also finally broke down and purchased laundry hampers for whites and darks.  We have yet to actually figure out how to get the right color in the right hamper, but still… I feel like such an adult having two hampers.  And no, now that you ask, I hardly ever have separated my laundry, even after a college experience during which I dyed my roomate’s only white shirt pink on accident.  Sorry Heather.

I also have purchased a ridiculous number of large plastic storage bins over the past few months and finally tackled the project of sorting and labeling baby clothes.  Why I didn’t do this the first time around, I don’t know, but it feels so good now, to know exactly where the 3-6 month clothing is.

Finishing that allowed me to finally clean the library, which is now being taken over by birthing supplies that someday I might actually use.

As I hit 39 weeks 1 day, I am finally at a point where I only have about twelve things left on my to-do list.  They range from making playdough to finishing the book cataloging project (currently at 3240 books) and finding a place to print labels for baby announcements so that they are ready.

Of course, once the baby comes I have a whole list of other things (call pediatrician, figure out how to get a social security card for baby, create announcements, and start potty training) that need to get done.  But having dragged around my well used lists for the past few months, I think I am ready to say goodbye to them and hello to baby!


  1. I can help with labels!

    • Sold! I haven’t done mail merge in 7 years! I’ll buy you coffee. 🙂

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