Posted by: Ingrid | October 31, 2011

One Week Later

It is really hard to believe that our cute little guy has been here only a week!

Overall we are doing well, although I am finding that the whole baby and toddler schedule at the same time takes some getting used to.  Also, he keeps peeing on things, which is making for more laundry than I would prefer.  Because it’s never just a blanket.  It’s two sheets and the mattress cover.  Or a couch cover.  Or, as in the case of yesterday, two couch covers within two hours.  STOP WITH THE LAUNDRY ALREADY!

I remember how worried I was about Isaac losing over a pound the first few days when I was in the hospital.  Jonathan has presented no such worries.  At three days out he had lost an ounce and at a week old he is up to 7 pounds 10 ounces.  If anything, he needs to stop sending my body the message that it should be feeding a bevy of babies rather than just one.  Also, just for record keeping purposes, he was only 20 inches, not 22.

I have to say that readjusting to life in a postpartum body has been harder the second time around.  I think this is partly due to the fact that last time things were so crazy with a newborn, packing, and moving that there just wasn’t much time to think.  This time around, since life is normal, it’s a lot easier to have unrealistic expectations.  I also think that it was easier to living in running shorts and t-shirts the first few weeks, since it was August.  That type of clothing is much MUCH more forgiving than any of my autumn and winter clothing.  Sweat pants anyone? 😛

The changes this time are pretty comparable to last time around.  I am down 16 pounds after the first week.  Unfortunately, I gained 26 pounds this time (very normal, I know) and that still puts me farther away than I would like.

On the plus side, however, I can see my feet again and tie my running shoes.  These are the changes between last week and now.

I will definitely take the now, as well as the adorable baby who is napping on my lap!




  1. He’s a cutie, congratulations! Also, I would kill for your postpartum body 🙂

  2. Beautiful mother. Beautiful baby.

    • And beautiful husband? 🙂

      • Well…what can I say? How about I love you! But I’ll keep our cheesy love talk off of here for your readers’ sake. Miss you. Wow, I’ve almost known you for 6 years!

  3. Cute cute cute!! Don’t worry about weight – I have not exercised at all and am already down 23 of 28lbs. Are you running already?

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