Posted by: Ingrid | November 6, 2011

Untamed brotherly love

There has been a  lot of what I like to call “supervised loving” going on at our house the past two weeks.  The reason for this, of course, is an energetic 27 month-old-who goes from wanting to hold his brother to trying to poke his eyes out in two seconds flat.  I get this.  I mean, toddlers are pretty sensory creatures, so I’m not surprised that he wants to poke his finger in Jonathan’s eyes and nose and lick his hair (okay, that one did surprise me).

One of the first things Isaac demanded when he got home and saw a new baby in the house  twelve days ago was, “I wan’ it!”  The “it” in question, being his day-old baby brother.  The second thing he did was throw a plastic Thomas the Train smack into his chest.  Since then he has asked a lot to hold, hug, and kiss Jonathan, with varying degrees of gentleness and success.  It’s all very sweet in theory, but requires reflexes of a ninja for anyone next to the baby.

It seems, however, as we march up to the two-week milestone, that Isaac’s aggressiveness has increased along with our sleep deprivation.  This leaves us trying to create a safe environment for a baby while trying to redirect Isaac without telling him “no” all the time.  If I could just do that all in my sleep, the world that is our family unit might be a happier place.  In the meantime, you can’t tell me they aren’t cute!



  1. This sounds EXACTLY like my house (2 year old + 2 1/2 month old girls). Good luck!

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