Posted by: Ingrid | November 30, 2011

First Snow

This year’s first snow came earlier, more abruptly, and in greater quantities than in the past two years.  We bundled up and went to the Dining Commons at the University for dinner last night in the middle of it.  And yes, we took the stroller and walked over.

In answer to your unspoken question, yes, that is Jonathan’s head and the Baby Bjorn fits under my jacket.  For now.

We awoke to this in the morning.

It’s so very pretty.  But then when I looked out the window this morning I felt like something inside me died.  Too early, snow.  Way too early.



  1. Oh, how I miss snow. It looks so beautiful! I don’t mind the snow if it comes in late November. It’s those early spring snows that always got me down. Hope you’re able to enjoy it a bit, even if you find that it’s too early.

  2. beautiful! I could not imagine though having to get errands done and battling the winter cold with a newborn. I guess I have gotten too used to my southern life (although we do battle the heat in the summer!)

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