Posted by: Ingrid | December 9, 2011

I don’t have time to be injured


On Monday I dashed out of the house early to get in an abridged workout.  Got home in time to change and dash off to physical therapy.  Got home just in time for someone to come watch the kids while I met someone who taught me how to pool run.  All of this dashing and rushing and crazy could be alleviated by one thing.


You may wonder about the lack of posting about running in… well… a really long time.  (You may also wonder about lack of posting in general, which you can for sure attribute to two children.  How are two kids four times a much work?)  The whole running thing has sort of been a mess ever since I began having pain in my leg around week ten of pregnancy and opted to not continue training for the marathon I was going to do in April.  The pain has never gone away despite my pulling back, taking time off, being careful, etc.  In short, it has been:

Eight months of pain.

Seven months since taking my first full month off ever.

Six months since my last 5 miler.

Five plus months since my last 6 mile run.

Four months since my last 5K.

Three plus months since doing any running whatsoever.

Two unworn Asics.

And a running lover about to go mad.

I hoped so badly that it was just a pregnancy thing and everything would be better after pregnancy.  Nine days postpartum I went out for a two mile run and the pain was still there even though everything else felt great.  The thing is, while running seems to exacerbate the issue, not running doesn’t seem to help it feel better.  Sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn’t.  Sometimes I’m moving and sometimes I’m lying in bed in the middle of the night.  It feels like arbitrary pain and it is getting very annoying.

I finally went to the doctor, who after two minutes said: “High groin strain.  Go to physical therapy.”  I’ve been in physical therapy half of the six weeks I am allowed now, and while I get to go to Orthopaedic Rehab, which is an amazing place to go, they have yet to wave a magic wand and the pain has yet to go away.  Maybe it’s a tight adductor?  Maybe it’s some knot of scar tissue or who knows what.  Whatever it is, I can’t run.

I think I was able to make it through pregnancy without running with the hope that the pain would go away as soon as Jonathan entered the world.  Now, as the days go by it just gets more and more depressing and sad, since the longest I have ever taken off for an injury has been two weeks.  I have started mentally listing things that I would be willing to trade for the ability to run long, fast, and hard.  To date, this list contains the ability to fit into my last three pairs of jeans, ever seeing the 120’s again, and possibly some superfluous relatives.  All this and more I would trade if I could just run again.

I have found that not running has impacted more than my mood.  I haven’t read Runner’s World since August, even though I keep toting the back editions to the gym with me.  I just don’t want to read a runner’s ode to Autumn.  I don’t want to hear how to end my year lighter, faster, and running barefoot.  I don’t want to know about the newest and best training plan.

The same has held true for running blogs.  There are probably three or four running blogs (or blogs by runners) that I have continued to follow while injured, because I like the people and am interested in their lives.  Most other running blogs get quickly marked as read on my Google Reader, even though I haven’t even skimmed them.  As selfish and silly as it sounds, it is too hard to care or be happy about other people’s running and PR’s and training when I can’t run.

So that is where running is at right now, after eight months of waiting.  Still injured.  Still not running.  Still don’t really know what’s wrong.  Still have a brand new pair of Asics sitting in the closet begging to be worn.

And then I had the audacity to ask for peanut butter GU for Christmas (Yes!  They make peanut butter GU!!!).  I guess hope always springs eternal.  Maybe in 2012 I will get to wear my shoes and eat my GU and run again.  Maybe then I can stop trying to fit in cross-training and pool running and physical therapy.

I have learned two things from all of this.  1) People who pool run every day must be crazy.  2) Mom’s who run shouldn’t get injured because it takes way too much time.




  1. So sorry! I had to miss a measly five months when I was injured with Plantar Fasciitis and I got so sad every time I got my runner’s world and gave up reading running blogs too. I just go so tired of reading about everyone’s progress when EVERY time I tried to run I felt pain.

    I hope the physical therapy helps and you are able to return to your beloved happy. As my friend used to always say, a runner who can’t run is like a walking time bomb! A little exaggerated but definitely some truth to it.

  2. Amen.

  3. They make peanut butter GU now? Wish I were running right now (post-pregnancy injury issues) just so I could try it.
    I hope you’re able to recover soon! Just hang in there.

  4. I so feel you on this 😦 can you go for a 2nd opinion?

    the germans say neues jahr, neues glück…let’s hope so!!!

    • Well, I see my doctor for my postpartum checkup next week and I will ask her. I just don’t really know who I would ask for a second opinion and our insurance isn’t really good so I am afraid things won’t be covered. 😦 I just want to run!

  5. high groin strain that began in pregnancy thoughts (i’m a PT and mom of one, also ultrarunner): truly a “groin” = adductor muscle strain vs a stress fracture where one of the adductor tendon’s insert vs an insertional tendonitis vs strain on the tendon/muscle due to rotation/upslip/downslip etc otherwise malalignment of the ilium (or other pelvic bone) due to muscle length/strength imbalance or ligamentous laxity due to relaxin, the pregnancy hormone,… and that lovely hormone doesn’t truly “go away” with it’s influence until about 3-6mo after you’re done breastfeeding… answer… fix alignment, rule out the stress fractures, strengthen your whole core/hip/glutes/etc like crazy, improve balance… return to running as tolerated and in a painfree manner.

    • Since I have an annual physical coming up, what would you suggest me asking my doctor? I have 2 more weeks of PT left but so far haven’t had any improvement. How do they rule out stress fractures? The pain seems localized in a sort of knot that loosens when it’s massaged… maybe scar tissue, but I have no idea how they would know for sure. Any advice on questions to ask would be appreciated! Thanks for your comment.

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