Posted by: Ingrid | December 12, 2011

Sumo Baby

I just checked my archives and it took me almost 9 weeks to transition to cloth diapers last time around.  Granted, you have to factor in a move, new area, new job for husband, the fact that we were new parents, new cloth diapers that had to be pre-laundered in some special way that I had to look up online… but all that aside, we switched much faster this time around.

By five and a half weeks we had made the switch.  I’d like to say that it was because I am so eco-friendly, but really it came down to running out of the two packs of Pampers Newborn Swaddlers that I’d purchased while pregnant.  I consider Pampers to be sort of the Harvard of diapers, both in quality and cost (though I am not up on my Harvard knowledge currently, it could be neither at this point).  Regardless, Pampers seem to have more gathers around the legs, and switching to other diapers that we’d been given when Isaac was a baby created more laundry and accidents and peed-on couch covers than I would prefer.  I did not need more laundry.  Time to break down and move to cloth.

I have three observations.

It is much easier to cloth diaper the second time around when you know what you’re doing and don’t have to prep thirty diapers.

The diapers do a better job with absorbency issues and fit around the legs than most other diapers I’ve tried.

Babies who look like miniature sumo wrestlers are charming. 🙂



  1. Oh my… he looks so much like Isaac!

  2. Oh he is so cute! We transitioned to cloth diapers once she outgrew the nb Pampers. Not sure why it took us a while to go 100% cloth. These things are awesome! I just wish they made clothes for babies with fluffy butts. Nothing seems to fit right over her diapers.

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