Posted by: Ingrid | December 14, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree

This has been the first Christmas out of the three we have been in Michigan that we have actually gotten a Christmas tree.  The first two years we spent traveling to California over Christmas and it seemed silly to get a tree and then be gone after the 23rd.  I am excited (aside from not getting to see family) that we won’t have to travel during the Christmas season and will get to do something at home, with a Christmas tree, and that we will actually be able to go to the Christmas service at our church this year.  Who knows, we might even have snow!

Our Christmas tree adventure began the day after Thanksgiving.  We thought we might go with the whole Christmas tree farm/cut down your own tree experience until we got ready to go and realized that the farm was closing in two minutes and they were ten miles away.  We made an immediate detour to Lowe’s, where we managed to pick up a tree and four boxes of lights for a total of $26.  That made my frugal heart sing!

The best part of the tree experience was tying it to the top of our Pathfinder and then realizing we had tied the doors shut.  We improvised, a la Duke’s of Hazard, while Isaac looked on bemusedly.  I could almost see him thinking: Hmmm… never seen them enter the car through the window before…

I was so proud of us for getting the tree before December, but then it took a few days just to get the lights up.

Then there was the day that the tree fell down, but that was fortunately pre-ornaments.

Finally,  a week ago, we finally put the ornaments on, sans toddler.  Until then he had paid little attention to the tree, partly because we gave him an old tree to put in his room.

He was very excited about it until the ornaments suddenly appeared on our big tree overnight!  Now he roams around the tree, touching ornaments and pointing to Santa and saying, “Jesus!”  According to him, Jesus came to earth as a rotund and bearded man in a red suit and the baby in the manager is Jonathan.  It must be really confusing to be two.

Oddly enough, ornaments keep “falling off” and there is less and less rhyme or reason to the area of the tree that is within toddler arm reach.  I would have far less patience with this if I had heirloom ornaments dangling from the bottom of the tree and if I didn’t have picture proof that I was into re-organizing the tree at the same age.


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