Posted by: Ingrid | December 24, 2011

Two Months: Hair today, gone tomorrow

Dear Jonathan,

Some people talk about bad hair days.  When it comes to you I’d say they aren’t bad, just confusing.  You started life with a full fringe then gradually began going bald.  Now that you are two months you have dark fuzz in front, a fringe in back, and this little shock of two inches of hair in the middle of your forehead.

It’s been a confusing hair life for you, little man.

Or not so little man.  You are alternately called Chunk and El Chunko and you seriously are one big boy.

You are weighing in at a whopping 13.5 pounds now.  I still think that your plan to survive your brother (who is still trying to squish you, all in the name of love) is to get to the point where you weigh as much as he does.  Hey, you only have eleven pounds to go.  At that point, you may not be able to go anywhere (unless you roll) but you will not be fragile or delicate.  Not that we think of you that way anymore.

The part of you that is not (as) large, is your head.  At your one month checkup I was fairly convinced that you had a smaller head circumference (Isaac was always in the 95%).  Lo and behold, you were only in the 50%, which may be why I feel the two of you look so different.

You look very round to me.  Lots of people say that you and Isaac look alike, and maybe they are correct and I am too close to see the resemblance.  Believe me, I am at a point these days where I would be more than happy to step back and get better perspective.  All that stuff people said about transitioning to two children?  All true.  You have one baby and it’s a little depressing because you’re so worried and everything seems so hard.  Then you have the second and it’s even more depressing because you realize that taking care of a baby is actually easy but you didn’t know that when you only had one to take care of.  It either gets worse or better as you add more kids, I’m guessing.

But anyway… let’s talk about your sleep.  You are really good with the six hour stretches and have even given me seven hours on several occasions.  The sad thing is that you would have slept longer but I had to wake you up so that I could get to the gym.  The other sad thing is that I was still tired the first time you did it because only crazy people get up at 5:20 am, even if they have gotten over seven hours of sleep.  You don’t really cry at night either, but I’m still not sure if that’s you or if it’s the fact that I am more in tune with you and wake up before you have to resort to raising your voice.  Or maybe it’s because you have generally unswaddled one hand by then and are frantically sucking on it.

You really don’t cry much.  Maybe if you are left alone too long in a room (are you an extrovert TOO???) or if you get particularly smooshed by your brother (though you seem to tolerate him pretty well).  Overall you strike me as being good-natured and placid and just an over all charming fellow for the most part.  So on one hand, you pull off the Budha-like zen baby thing really well.  On the other hand, though you don’t cry, you are awfully loud.  By that, I mean you are a very grunting sort of baby.  You make all of these noises, particularly at night, that really took some getting used to.  I am still amazed how loud you can be while being totally asleep and sucking on a pacifier.  You still sound like a baby pig, but I can sleep through it now.

Your second month brought all sorts of changes.  A second bath.  Getting you out of your pjs and into real clothes (and shoes) for the first time.  It only took me seven weeks.  Though I do want to know why dressing you makes it look like you were the one expending all the energy…

Attempts at bottle feeding so that you don’t frustrate your babysitters down the road.  A switch to cloth diapers and a whole lot more laundry.  Moving up to size 0-3 month clothing.  I held a two week old baby just the other day that made me realize just how quickly you have grown and changed.

I miss the newborn stage already.

I love, love, LOVED the magical six week mark at which point you began smiling like mad and made me fall in love with you all over again.  It is amazing how a baby smile can boost your day.

It is equally amazing the things sane adults will do to coax a smile out of you.  Not that you need a whole lot of coaxing.  You just have this wonderful grin that makes me want to laugh whenever I see it.

You have also begun making noises in response to us talking to you.  Wonderful intelligent noises along the lines of: AhhhGAH!  You are so smart!  That is why we aren’t putting aside money for your college fund.  We anticipate you getting plenty of scholarships based on your linguistic brilliance.

I have to say, since you are our second child, that I have taken fewer pictures.  This is partly because I have more to do around the house and with two kids but it’s also because there is less opportunity.  With your brother around, who still thinks that “hug” and “hold” mean to lay on you and give CPR, a lot of my pictures of you end up like this.

I think his antics leave us both wondering: Dude.  Could you just.  Chill.  Out.  Not a big motivator to take photos, is it?  You can duke it out with Isaac at the point when your fists actually do what you want them to and don’t just smack you in the face on a whim.

I don’t know that there’s much to say, other than the fact that month two finds you fatter, cuddlier, and way cuter (in my opinion).



P.S.  I got too curious about whether the two of you really look alike so I had to go back and find similar photos from two months.  So here we have you and then Isaac.




  1. Two things. One, Simon sounds like a baby pig, too. You know it’s bad when the pediatrician says, “Wow, you sure do like to grunt.” Um, yeah. And two, Mirren also seems to think that “hug” means “smother.” Or maybe it’s, “I’m protecting you with my body because I love you SO much!” Love you, friend. I hope this parenting two thing gets easier for both of us. Soon. Very, very soon.

    • I’m sort of glad to hear that Mirren does that too. I sort of feel like I am the only one of my friends who has to still keep the baby from getting squished, even after almost 9 weeks. Gets a little frustrating after a while, as I’m sure you know. And YES on the whole parenting thing getting easier soon…

  2. It’s so great that you do this, Ingrid. You forget so much so fast, and this is a great way to capture each stage. I think the boys look like they are related, but I think Jonathan looks different than Isaac. Both cute though, of course 🙂

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