Posted by: Ingrid | December 29, 2011

2011: A Year in Review

So I discovered that typing up my resolutions and keeping them on the computer is not the best way to get anything done.  Also, resolving to do a gargantuan list of things – probably not helpful.  And that whole being pregnant and nauseous half of the year?  Completely counterproductive.

I am resolved that in 2012 the list will be (at least a little) shorter, we must get a printer, and I must not get pregnant.

Considering I didn’t have my list in front of me most of the time, I don’t think I did too badly.  Below are the resolutions with the things I did italicized.


-Finish the last four nursing pre-reqs (Chemistry, Developmental Psych, Microbiology, and Pharmacology) Did well with this, I think, considering I was pregnant with a toddler at home during all three classes.  Kept a 4.0 and microbiology can wait!

-Research and determine whether or not nursing school will actually fit into our life as a family right nowDoes not fit.  Must wait until all current and hypothetical children are in school.

-Read 50 books  I have no idea how many books I read, but it was way more than 50.


Running: Running goals out because of getting pregnant and unidentified pain.

-Start marathon training (knee is still sort of iffy) Do I get points for making it 10 weeks into training?

-If able to run marathon, try to BQ (under 3:40)

-5K under 20 minutes

-10 under 42 minutes

-Half marathon under 1:35

-Stretch more

-Run injury free!

Obviously my running suffered this year (well, was practically non-existent after March) and I am sad about this.  I did have three 20 milers while pregnant though, which was awesome.



-Try to see friends at least once a week.

-Keep in touch with friends outside the state.

-Learn to use Skype and get it set up on my computer.

-Meet the woman who used to live in our house.

-Go to mom things when offered (and if they fit into the schedule)

I did everything and then some under the social category.  I feel a little bad that a lot of it was prompted by the option of either going and seeing people or being stuck at home with a toddler.  Either way, look at me being all social.



-Find a healthier way of eating that is actually sustainable. Didn’t do much more than think about it.

-Lose those same darned 4-5 pounds from last year Gained 26 pregnancy pounds instead.

-Start the New Rules of Lifting for Women book and do the workouts twice per week.  Loved it until I got bored 6 months in.

-Do a pull up. Did one long ago at the beginning of pregnancy. 



-Observe lent (odd that this actually has to go on a to-do list when you don’t attend a liturgical church…).

-Take a half-day personal retreat three times this year.

-Go on a family retreat.

-Look for a spiritual director for husband and myself.

-Still looking for something daily and sustainable that works for my personality and as a mom.

Did well on all fronts here.



-Wage war on dust mites so that husband is able to sleep. Now I just need to maintain, which is hard with a baby and toddler.

-Pay extra on student loans. Done!  $700 plus some extra per month.

-Menu plan, coupon, and save better on groceries. This is a hard area for me.

-Try not to kill this year’s basil plant. FAIL!  For the record I failed twice.  Killed a cilantro plant too.

-Make my own laundry soap. Pretty easy!

-Find a bed frame and a toddler bed/crib In storage and waiting.

-Find better ways to organize all of our stuff.  Another difficult area.



-Finish 2 photo albums.

-Find time to play the piano.  (How do you play the piano when you have a toddler who wants to play too?)

-Find more time to blog and write

Apparently I don’t do so well with fun.

Unspoken Goal:  Get pregnant and have a home birth.  DONE!

I guess it’s time to drink at little eggnog and ponder what I should do in 2012.


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