Posted by: Ingrid | January 2, 2012

2011: A Year in Review

January:  We ring in the new year in California.

February:  Yes, Isaac, this little stick means everyone’s life is about to change!

March:  Morning sickness (AKA all day sickness) strikes and hardly any pictures are taken.

April:  We replace the sippy cup.

May:  Grandpa visits!

June:  We find out we are having another boy!

July:  We spend most of the month visiting California, Colorado, and St. Louis.

August:  We run our first ever “all family” 5K that is put together by the teens at our church to raise money to fight human trafficking.

September:  I get larger and Isaac gets his first ever haircut (and sucker).

October:  Jonathan is born on October 24th and Isaac promptly begins trying to squish him.

November:  We adjust to life as a family of four and I wonder if I should have chose a career that allows for more sleep.

December:  We spend our first Christmas in Michigan (after living here over two years!) and it is wonderfully relaxing even though we miss seeing friends and family in California.

And at the end of this full and wonderful year, Isaac is still trying to squish his sibling…  Here’s to 2012!



  1. LOVE IT!!!

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