Posted by: Ingrid | January 24, 2012

Three Months: In which we coin the word “wrankles”

Dear Jonathan,

You have gotten so fat at three months that you have developed the most adorable cankles at your wrists.

Only they can’t be cankles, since they involve your wrists and not your ankles.  I like to call them “wrankles” and they are adorable on you.  You are positively Rubenesque,

weighing in at 14 pounds 9 ounces at your doctor’s visit a few days ago.  The same doctor’s visit that involved you drinking something nasty and then getting three shots in those chubby thighs of yours.  I’ve never heard you scream so loud.

So much has gone on for you this third month!  You sustained your first unintentional injury on my part, for one (moms with long hair, be warned!).  We got home from a date to find that the baby sitter had discovered that one of my hairs had somehow gotten wrapped around your middle toe, completely cutting off circulation and cutting through the skin.  It was a three person job as I carefully used a tweezers to unwind the hair from inside your toe.  I felt so.  bad.  Not bad enough to cut my hair, but very guilty and ashamed for causing such pain.

You also received your first visible war wound from big brother.  Isaac still enjoys laying on top of you,

which you usually tolerate with benign smiles and slobber.  A week ago when my back was turned, Isaac lay down beside you and suddenly you were crying.  Isaac got up and walked nonchalantly away.  Ten minutes later we realized that our little culprit had left fingernail prints.  I give you permission to spit up on him any time you like.

You are incredibly smile-y these days.  Hugely beautiful smiles and babble greet me when I get you up in the morning and after naps.  You are also fond of being bounced, which has gotten some huge grins and belly laughs out of you.  I am amazed at the words we use, the tone we say things in, and the things we do to get smiles out of babies.  Utterly humiliating and so worth it all at the same time.

I am torn between feeling like you are all grown up and wanting a newborn again and being amazed at the absolute helplessness of a three month old human being.  Some animals are walking and hunting hours after birth.  Here you are, three months in, and all you can do is devour your hands and willingly open your mouth when big brother tries to feed you boogers.  And instead of wondering why you can’t go catch your own dinner we applaud the fact that you have discovered your hands!  In less than three months!

You are doing great with the sleep.  You have your off nights, of course, but overall, eight hour stretches are pretty common.  And we have learned, with you being the second, that we are no way no how going to waste that first wonderful long sleep stretch.  Which is why you go to bed right before us.  Baby down at 9:45 and up at 6:00 and down again until 9:00 in the morning?  Definitely works for me!  We have moved into the swaddling stage and your father is King of the Swaddle now and part of the reason why you sleep so well.  It is funny, though, to watch your expression as the swaddling begins.  A growing concern creeps over your face as if you wish to say:  Wait!  What are you doing?  You didn’t mean to swaddle me, right?  It’s the other baby you want… the other one!  No!!!!  Where have my hands gone?!?!

You are still loud when trying to fall asleep and loud waking up.  Sometimes you are loud while sleep too.  Maybe you will just always be a loud child, who knows?  You do some serious babbling and responding now, all sorts of sounds and syllables while staring at me.  It is so hard to do things when you are looking at me and talking.  Your eyes dance with an open invitation to converse and interact, I really believe that you are a little people person.

We were at a potluck last weekend and you eyed the enormous line of people waiting for food, your eyes darting back and forth as if to say: All these people?  Just for me?  Really?  I have taken advantage of this fact, sad to say, and in a pinch will leave you with a stuffed animal hanging over your head only to peek back in and see you gabbing away and smiling to Curious George.

You started kicking and grabbing around two and a half months.  You grab fingers and hair, and when you eat, you grab onto me like you’re afraid I’m going to run out of the room and leave you half fed.  You and I have a special hand game that we play now.  I get you dressed in the morning and you startle and swear in baby at the coldness of my hands.  Then I go to nurse you and you get me back.  I settle in with a book and you wait for it…wait for it… COLD HANDS!  Serves me right I guess, but it always surprises me because the rest of you is so warm.  I have made a note to myself to always have a spare baby around for cold Michigan winters.

Your eyes continue to be blue and your hair is growing in brown and soft.  It sort of looks like you have a flat top.  With your hair the way it is and your chunky build you kind of look like a baby bully.

Like your name should be Butch and you should spend your free time beating up smaller babies and stealing their lunch money.

I can’t believe that when I met you three short months ago I thought you were ugly.  I look at you now and think: Oh my gosh, you’ve gone all Gerber baby one me.  What happened?!?

Don’t worry.  I would love you even if you hadn’t made a U-turn from being ugly and squished, because that’s just what mommas do.





  1. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful son. And I love wrankles!!! We talk about Mattias’ cankles all the time but now I can go look at his wrankles and think of you.

    • Thanks, SLG! Gotta’ love those fat babies. 🙂 And I have not had a chance to comment, but I cannot believe your last few 20 milers so close together!

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