Posted by: Ingrid | February 18, 2012

A Day in the Life: Winter Edition 2012

I would love to do all four of these this year.  Who knows, with no anticipated pregnancies/new babies it could very well happen!  It’s 2012, folks, and I am dreaming big.

February 10, 2012

1:44,2:45, 3:44, 4:45 am: I manage to wake up at every single one of these times.  Two of them are to pop the pacifier back in Jonathan’s mouth (so much easier than feeding him if he is willing to go back to sleep!) and two are just for fun.  I vaguely consider getting up and taking a photo of the clock because Day in the Life documentation began at midnight.  Then I think, Nah.  If anyone wants to see the clock at 2:45 am they can get up and look themselves.

5:30 am: Hello, alarm clock!  Love that vibrating cell phone under the pillow.  I manage to hit snooze without dialing the last person called.  So awkward, especially when the last person called lives in California and it is 2:30 there…

5:35 am: Both the alarm and Jonathan go off (I hit neither of them).  Jonathan demands a feeding and I sit pondering the mystery of why I thought a 7:00 appointment with the Osteopath on the other side of Jackson was a smart idea.

5:47 am: I am finally free to move about the cabin, so I re-swaddle the baby, bump the thermostat up to 64 degrees, and sit down to pump.  Like State Farm and good neighbors, Medela is there for me even when Jonathan only decides to do half the job.

6:00 am: Start getting ready to go.  Discover that I am 0.8 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  This causes me to contemplate the mystery of not gaining weight while on vacation and also the fact that I am still not back to normal and the weight loss was so much easier last time.  Which then causes me to think that the difference is mostly my fault.  I resume getting dressed and try to stop thinking about it.  Once I’m dressed I have a few minutes to check email and discover that it’s 28 degrees outside.

6:30 am: Attempt to make a deposit at the ATM but discover they are out of envelopes.  I go through the transaction twice because I don’t read what’s on the screen the first time around.  Drive to the health center wishing in vain for coffee.

6:58 am: Arrive and check into the waiting room and then sit.  Well, I sit with my journal, book (Real Food by Nina Planck), and my day planner.  So I guess I am doing more work than just sitting.  I plan out the day and start reading.

7:25 am: I get to relocate.  My blood pressure is 98/58 and I wonder if being pregnant has lowered it.  It has been consistently lower (I’m usually a 110/70 sort of girl) since last spring.  I think whenever I see numbers under 100 I wonder if I’m ok.  Then I am left to wait… er read, in the exam room.

One mom’s wait is another mom’s reading time, so out comes the book.  I read about fats and my mind wanders.  I need coffee, stat, if I am going to read a lengthy description of good and bad fats.

7:40 am: The doctor enters with lots of enthusiasm.  She has obviously had her coffee.  I have no pain!  I am free to run (not like I haven’t been, but that’s nice)!  We still don’t really know what was wrong!  The MRI and x-ray didn’t show anything although my pelvis is slightly tilted and my right leg is just a tad shorter than my left.  The appointment takes all of 5 minutes.  I leave wondering what it will end up costing and why we couldn’t have done that over the phone.

8:20 am: I arrive home to hazelnut coffee, our Friday and Saturday tradition.  I down two cups, chat with my husband, and forget to take a picture of the beautiful moment.  I do, however, take pictures of Isaac who is up and playing with his trains.

I throw on workout clothes and head to the gym.

9:15 am: I am almost completely alone in the gym.  I decided to do the elliptical rather than run, even though the roads are still clear.  I needed the path of least resistance but have a feeling I will regret it once it snows.  Onto the elliptical with a Parenting magazine and Lawhead’s Bone House.  Resistance at level 9 and once again I forget that I am 32 and improperly program the machine.

10:15 am: One hour, 8000 strides, one magazine, and several chapters later and I am all done.  Guess what… it’s snowing!

And yes, I immediately regret not running on the clear roads.

10:18 am: I come home to crazy.  The house it littered with stuff since we’d just gotten back from retreat the night before.

I need to get dressed and eat breakfast.  Jonathan needs to get up, eat, and get changed and dressed.  Isaac has eaten but needs to be changed and dressed, you get the picture.  And did I mention that a friend is coming around 10:30?  We work on getting clothes on and food in.

10:50 am: Our friends arrive and I sit down to feed Jonathan.  Isaac decides that today is not a sharing day and the excavator goes into time out on top of the fridge.  Eventually, we all walk over to church and let the boys run off some steam while the babies tag along.

12:35 pm: We move on to lunch time, during which Isaac eats chips and the jam off of his sandwich, leaving the natural peanut butter and homeade bread.

Jonathan eats again, I eat half of my lunch (leftovers from BD’s), we read some books, and Isaac plays with his trains for a while.

1:40 pm: Two loads of laundry come out and two children go down for naps.  Score!

1:45 pm: I get the only quiet time during the day.  I have lunch part deux set up next to the couch, complete with my third cup of coffee and my cup of milk.

I am unduly proud of this cup of milk.  I have never been much of a milk drinker, but ever since my doctor’s appointment in December, when she told me that bone density peaks at age 33 and then declines I have been drinking milk.  And I have to put in on my day planner to do it.  Lame.

I journal, blog, read, look at half marathon training plans, farms that sell grass fed beef and do all things internet related while enjoying the sounds of silence.

3:05 pm: I find that with a late breakfast and missing my snack I am legitimately hungry – out comes the peanut butter!

3:56 pm: From Isaac’s room: Good morning, MOMMY!  Then silence.  I continue reading.  Persistence builds character.

4:12 pm: Mommy, where ARE you?  Quiet time is over and Isaac gets up.  He is cranky (I would be too, if I got in a good nap… no wait…) and refuses a snack.  We watch the snow fall from inside the house.

4:26 pm: Jonathan starts making noise but doesn’t wake up yet.  Isaac and I read some books.  Isaac decides that a snack is in order.  Apparently he is okay with natural peanut butter on bananas and with some chocolate chips.

5:00 pm: I bite the bullet and put in Jillian Michael’s Thirty Day Shred level 3 DVD.  My upper body, which has gotten almost no workout since early December, will thank me later.  I really need to strength train.  Really really.

Isaac gets his hand weights and “helps” by sitting on my back when I try to do push ups and jumping on my stomach when I’m doing ab exercises.  Isaac proclaims that Jillian has a “big tummy”.

5:25 pm: Did I bribe my toddler with Thomas the Train?

Why yes… yes I did.  Jonathan is awake and yelling.  Thomas goes on.  I take a speedy shower.  Jonathan gets up no worse for the yelling.

Doesn’t he look traumatized?  I nurse Jonathan and we all watch Thomas while I sort newspapers with my free hand.

5:50 pm: Isaac plays while Jonathan stares at me from his swing and I make dinner.

Isaac makes sure to welcome Jonathan up from his nap by squishing him.  I wear the amazing apron that my friend Heather made me for Christmas and feel cute.  Chop the onion, season the soup, toss in the chicken…  Nothing like some tortilla soup on a cold and snowy day!

6:30 pm: Husband gets home from work!

6:45 pm: We all sit down for dinner while Jonathan hangs out in his swing.

7:15 pm: Jonathan has a meltdown while Isaac decides he wants the lights on his Christmas tree on AND Christmas carols to listen to while cleaning up his room.

7:20 pm: Clint and Isaac head over to a dessert auction at church where they stay about 5 minutes.  I take the time to enjoy looking at my fat baby.

7:30 pm: Clint and Isaac watch some Wipe Out excerpts on You Tube while Jonathan falls apart on his play mat and I run a few errands.

To the library, the bank, and then to Hutch’s to get some bananas.  I decide on my way to the store that I will try my hand at crepes the next morning (we have nutella that I have been saving for just this purpose).  Then I decide that we should have whipped cream.  But then the whipped cream is $1.79 per carton and I look at all the horrible ingredients and just can’t do it.  I decide to get yogurt instead.  But the cheap yogurt and the lite yogurt that I would normally gravitate towards is full of multiple kinds of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and other unpronouncable evils.  I spend a ridiculous amount of time standing in front of only a few types of yogurt while the frugal Ingrid and the health conscious Ingrid and the calorie conscious Ingrid all duke it out.  I want vanilla yogurt but the most natural kind (Oikos) is $5.99.  I settle on Stonyfield’s Strawberry at $3.89,

which still annoys me to no end because it is not the $2.59 price for Yoplait.  And the whole time I can hear Michael Pollan’s voice in the back of my mind talking about how all of the yogurt is really made of corn… Oy!

8:00 pm: I return home to find Isaac mostly ready for bed.  I brush his teeth, read the Bible to him, tell him a story about “the boy” (the boy being himself and the trains he meets), and then we all pray together, I blanket Isaac for the night, turn on the lullabies, and we are good until 7:48 am the next morning.

8:21 pm: We do the dishes, prep coffee for the next day, feed Jonathan, fold the laundry while watching a little Wipe Out on the laptop, and do some general straightening.  I make the whole wheat crepe recipe from my mom’s old grain cookbook because it promises me that they will be more tender if the batter sits in the fridge overnight.

9:05 pm: I start in on unit 2 of 8 on the online driver improvement class that I am taking.  Oh, I haven’t mentioned my first ever ticket? I’m sure I will get around to it eventually…

10:14 pm: Overcome by exhaustion and driving information overload, I give in to the call of pumpkin ice cream.  Jonathan passes out on the couch.

10:30 pm: I get ready for bed and feed Jonathan again.  Fed and swaddled he promptly passes out again, good until 5:00 the next morning.

10:45 pm: I finally fall into bed, fully an hour and fifteen minutes later than I prefer.  I fall asleep wondering how cold it is supposed to be the next day and whether or not I will make it out for a 10 mile run.

P.S.  The crepes were delightful (and tender!) though I have discovered another thing Isaac refuses to eat.

I did make it out for a 10 mile run even though it was only 7 degrees.



  1. Loved reading your daily recap! Isaac must be on the same sleep schedule as Olivia, except now that she is no longer in her crib, she does not want to fall asleep until 8:30 or 9:00 at night, despite us putting her in her room with the gate up! Oh well, at least she sleeps late allowing for an early am run but it really cuts into my time at night to get some things done, cleanup, etc:)

    But, this has me thinking that maybe life with two will be somewhat manageable. We’ll see come July!

    • It will probably go in shifts. I find that things seem manageable for a while and then they totally fall apart and I wonder what I’m doing trying to handle two kids. Sort of like most things with parenting… 🙂

  2. That apron is awesome.

    Very impressed by how much you packed into one day! Oof.

  3. I hate it when I hear Michael Pollan’s voice in my head. Grrr, just let me have my processed food in peace! It is crazy how corn makes it into so much of what we eat. How’s the book, Real Food? I was thinking of adding it to my list.
    Yowza, you got a lot done in one day!

  4. I’m proud of myself for doing Jillian, but you do the gym and Jillian. Impressive!

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