Posted by: Ingrid | February 20, 2012

Day One

Last year, after finding out I was pregnant and about eight weeks into training for the marathon I never got to run, I signed up for what was supposed to just be a fun 17 weeks pregnant half marathon in Champaign, Illinois.  Enter the saga and drama of leg pain and no running right after I registered.  Fortunately, this was one of those races that allowed for deferral to the next year, so now I am automatically signed up to run at the end of this April.

Now that my x-ray and MRI both came back clear and the doctor gave me her blessing to run and train (“Just don’t run a marathon next month” were her exact words.) and I am ten weeks out from the half marathon, I am starting a training plan.  I don’t really have much of a running base as my mileage has been in the low 20’s and I have been running about 4 times per week, but I am going to give the Ryan Hall plan that I did two years ago another try.  I remember liking it then and it’s not as intense as the Run Less, Run Faster plans.  I am not exactly sure what to aim for as far as time.  I don’t know if trying to beat my best time of 1:36.50 is a good thing to aim for, but it’s hard not to dream big!  I would like to run a decent time, but I am not sure what decent is at this point.

We got a nice snow storm a week and a half ago and I got out for my first 10 miler since my injury.  It was on fresh snow and in 7 degree weather and into the wind, so it was slow, but reassuring at the same time to know that I can cover that much distance.  Today was my first day on the official training plan and I went out for my first speed workout in over a year.  Yikes!  It is beautiful and sunny here, in the 30’s with no snow on the ground or on the track – gorgeous running weather.  I even got to wear shorts!  I have to say, while I like running just for fun, there is something incredibly satisfying about speed work.  I was slated for 6×800 meter repeats which I did around a 6:40 pace.

It felt amazing.  There is nothing like the feeling of pushing hard and coming home feeling a little nauseous and light headed from the effort (I know that sounds weird).  I have missed training and am happy to be back at it.  Hopefully my leg will behave now!

Running Song of the week (possibly running song for the year): Green Day: 21 Guns



  1. so excited for you! I love have a training plan and a goal to aim for! Looking forward to hearing about how your training/race goes!

  2. Hooray for training plans! I’ve used the Ryan Hall plan and had really good results: took 5 minutes off my half-marathon time in just over a month! (Ran one HM while I was somewhere in the middle of the plan, and one at the end) I like the fact that it’s only 10 weeks of intensive speed-type stuff. I changed the plan slightly so that I was never doing more than 5km worth of tempo or interval running. ANYWAY looking forward to hearing how it works out for you this time around! Great that you’re running again.

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