Posted by: Ingrid | February 24, 2012

Four Months: The Call of the Child

Dear Jonathan,

This month I have really dropped the ball.  Between going out of town for a retreat one week,

flying off to Florida the following week,

and getting hit with huge life changes, I have neglected my primary job as a stay at home mom which is obviously to stare at my little genius of a baby and take lots of pictures.

At least I have been remembering to feed you, as the pictures and your current weight of 17 pounds can attest to.

You are wearing 6 month clothing, except when you accidentally end up in the 3 month clothes that will get packed away sometime when I get the chance.  You are a good eater, if a little squirelly, and you let everyone know when you have gone from zero to HUNGRY.  You also really like eating clothes and blankets and fingers, yours and everyone else’s.

I keep telling you that eating your overall strap does not make you look so intelligent, but you don’t care.  You go from feeding to shoving your whole fist in your mouth as soon as you are done.  Maybe some teeth are coming in?  Perhaps your waterfall of drool is another sign of said teeth.

You are loud.  I know that I mention this every month, but boy oh boy, you are crazy loud!  I mentioned on Facebook that you sound like a yodeling raptor and I am sticking with that.  Along with the loudness you are also experimenting with all sorts of other sounds and the perfunctory bubble blowing.

You like to make eye contact and then earnestly “converse” in absolute nonsensical baby babble.  It is adorable, but I really don’t know how you and Isaac will ever share a room.  I also don’t know how I will get any peace and quiet.  Ever.

You are still getting squished by Isaac, but he also likes kissing your head and making you laugh.  The fact that you respond to him now; smiling, gurgling, and laughing, has been helpful.

Yesterday you woke up and Isaac ran to the side of your pack n play and said: “Good morning, Jonathan!  You sleep well?”  And then he jumped on the bed to make you laugh.  He is even trying to share with you, sometimes.

I see light at the end of the tunnel, even if Isaac does try to roll you off the couch still.

And speaking of rolling, you are trying it and have sometimes succeeded, though you have not been thrilled with the results.  Wait!  I’m on my stomach?!?  I hate tummy time!  

You move a lot; head, arms, and legs.  When you get excited you sort of march in place -it’s the baby version of tail wagging, I think.  You are super squirmy and love being held up in the standing position.

When I bounce you or make you jump, you laugh.  You are not so much a giggler as you are a chuckler.  Huh-huh.  It’s like you have already developed the paradigmatic guy laugh, the one that gets brought out whenever a fart joke is told.  I love making you laugh and one of your adopted Grandmas discovered that you are particularly ticklish under your chin.

I am not normally at a loss for words, little one, but I think that I am just tired from the past two weeks.  We will suffice it to say that you are fat, jovial, and loud.




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