Posted by: Ingrid | March 1, 2012

February Reading

Not as much reading time this month, but there were definitely some winners (and losers!) in the books that I chose.

The Eat Clean Diet – Tosca Reno (LAME!)

The Omnivores Dilemma – Michael Pollan (Excellent read although it will make you slightly paranoid of… well, lots of things, but particularly corn.)

The Soldier’s Wife – Margaret LeRoy

Your Best Body Now – Tosca Reno (Also, lame.)

Real Food – Nina Planck (Excellent book!  One of the best reads this month.  Makes me want to own a cow, plant a garden, and eat lots of butter.)

The Bone House – Stephen Lawhead (Different from his normal books, but an interesting series nonetheless.)

Enchanted – Orson Card (LOVED this book!  Sort of a mix of fairy tale and Russian folk tale with time travel across the centuries thrown in.  I didn’t expect to enjoy the book as much as I did.)



  1. I am with you on The Soldier’s Wife! (I noticed no comment!)

    • I was curious what you would think of it. It seemed like it had great potential so I was definitely disappointed!

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