Posted by: Ingrid | March 3, 2012

Florida: Belated Recap

Our trip, mid-February, was the first time I’d been to the state of Florida.  I know that Michiganders head down there in droves come late fall and winter, so I was curious to see what it would be like.  I have to admit, going from this:

to this:

was a nice treat.  We have been having the most crazily mild winter, but even so, 40 degrees is nothing like 75!  But oh my stars, the humidity. That is a particular dislike of mine during Michigan summers: bugs and humidity.  I guess I wasn’t expecting that in February, even though I know that Florida is humid.  I have great respect for runners in Florida now.  I went on a few short runs and definitely noticed a difference in performance.  As we were stopped at a gas station near the airport I think I discovered the key to the humidity problem – someone is slacking on the job!

It was interesting driving through the state and seeing different trees and plants.  I was a bit perplexed however, by this.

Palm trees are nice and all, but this seemed just a little… forced, maybe?

This was our first time traveling with two small children and I have to say that our packing skills have improved immensely over the past few years.

Also, we caved and let Isaac watch DVD’s on our laptops in flight.  But still, I am waiting that day when I come home from vacation and actually feel like it has been a break.  So far, every time I’ve traveled with small child(ren) I have come back saying that I never ever ever EVER want to travel again.  Ever.  This trip was no exception, particularly since we were all in the same hotel room all but one of the nights and Isaac mostly didn’t nap and was only getting 8 of his normal 12 hours of sleep at night (but we were in Florida, so I realize that no one is going to feel particularly sorry for me).

Also, we discovered the hard way that attending a time share presentation, even if you get a Visa gift card and breakfast out of the deal, is not worth it when you have two small, tired children.  You think we would have known better, right?

Overall, even though I don’t plan on traveling with children ever again (Really, I mean it!), it was a good Florida trip with family, fun, and not enough sleep.

Isaac was a fan of pushing the alarm button in elevators (No, sir.  No emergency.  Sorry.  I have a two year old in the elevator.) and pretending to play with the phones in our room, picking them up and yelling, Hello!  How ARE you?  Goodbye!  And slamming the phone down.

And the easiest way to travel with two children?  Make sure they’re so exhausted that they sleep on the way home!


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