Posted by: Ingrid | March 26, 2012

Training Daze

Somehow I have made it into week 6/10 for my half marathon coming up in April.  I keep telling myself that this is a baseline run.  It has been a year and a half since I last did a half marathon for time.  Throw in pregnancy and a long injury and almost no running and I really need to not care too much about the time.  But I would really love to run a sub 1:35 even though that is a little too much to ask for my first time back.  I know this but I don’t believe it.  I should probably shoot for a 1:40 or just under.  I should probably just make it my goal to train ten weeks without injury!

Training thus far has been less than stellar.  Or, put more positively, I have not been very rigid about training.  In part, that is because I was still building mileage when I started training and had done zero tempo runs or speedwork.  So far I have managed to hit my three key runs only two of the five weeks.  Two of the weeks I skipped my tempo run and one week my leg was hurting so I did slower miles and my long run.

Running is hard work.

If you run, you probably know that already, but it has still be so long since I’ve trained that I am feeling like a novice.  It is hard both mentally and physically to wrap my mind around distance and pace on some days.  That probably goes more for pace.  I did a slow 14 miles on Saturday and finally went over the 30 mile per week mark.  Both the 14 miler and the 33.5 miles for the week were firsts in over a year.  Crazy.

Today I had a track workout that was identical to one I did during week 4.  It took me two hours and a cup of coffee to convince myself to get out the door and actually make the attempt.  The more I woke up the more I realized that I would regret not going and by the time I got back I was happy that I’d gone.  The run called for 2 miles at half marathon pace, a mile at 10K pace, another mile at 10K pace, and then two 800 intervals at 5K pace.  Since I have no idea what any of those paces currently are, I have to guess (7:30, 6:55, and 6:40 are my current guesses).  The results (with the previous workout times in parenthesis)?

2 miles: 7:04 and 6:59 (7:07 and 7:07)

1 mile in 6:39 (6:55)

1 mile in 6:50 (6:50)

800 in 3:14 (3:12)

800 in 3:12 (3:22)

In two weeks I am definitely seeing more endurance and I very excited to be running some sub-7 minute miles.  Today was definitely one of those days where I was so glad I got out and ran.

Five weeks to go! 🙂

Running Song of the Day: Fall out Boy – Coffee’s for Closers



  1. Sounds like you are getting some good training in! All this talk of races, paces, and training plans makes me ready to get back into running after baby#2 makes her arrival:) I miss being able to run fast and feeling lightweight. Can’t wait to hear how your races goes!

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