Posted by: Ingrid | April 29, 2012

{April: You Pick Two}

Welcome to another month where I aim to pick two things that I change and inevitably choose more.

I used to always stock a couple of frozen pizzas in the freezer.  The last month I began making my own pizza crust and that has been an easy change.  I haven’t done whole wheat (though I know I can) but there is something satisfying and tasty about making your own pizza!

Another experiment was making almond butter.  I read online that I could make it in a food processor.  Unfortunately, when we got married I was not into food processors and registered for the smallest model because you were supposed to have one on the list.  Using my itty bitty machine, I made something akin to almond flour.

A friend brought over her 14 cup processor and within two minutes: voila!  Almond butter!  It is delicious!  Isaac doesn’t like it, of course, but Clint and I do.  I can’t get over how easy it is to make.

We also have transitioned to using some real products over the fake products we were using, namely swapping out our dubious high fructose corn syrup “maple” syrup for the real deal and replacing our buttery spread with real butter.

Another thing I let run out was my no calorie cooking spray.  I either grease the pans with oil or spritz with olive oil (I have had this mister sitting in the box since January!)

I also started using Sucanat as a sweetener whenever possible.

In terms of produce, I am moving slowly.  So far I am committed to buying organic when things are on sale and for three of the “dirty dozen”.  Since we never buy kale I am pretty safe for that veggie!  I can commit to lettuce, apples, and celery so far.  But things like strawberries?  I just can’t crunch the numbers and buy the $3.00 organic pint over the $1.00 pint.  Maybe some day.

So far the eggnog making is going well but the bread making is hit and miss.  I made bread at the beginning of April and added gluten and made all sorts of changes like letting the yeast sit longer and it rose better.

Then I made it a week ago, used a different type of flour, and it was awful.  Sometimes I think I should just make tortillas and then I won’t have any expectations of my bread rising and we will all live happily ever after.


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