Posted by: Ingrid | May 27, 2012

{May: You Pick Two}

Oh, these monthly changes!  I am proud of us for sticking with the things we’ve changed, though I went searching for a good and easy snack food the other day, as I dashed out for my microbiology lecture/lab afternoon (12:30 to 7:00 with driving time) and all I could come up with was the end of the mozzerella cheese.  For the love of Pete!  I need better options than that.

Anyway, maybe I should save some of the almonds for snacks instead of turning them all into almond butter.

So I knew this experiment was going to get a little more interesting as we moved past some of the easier things (like putting Olive Oil in a spray container).  Welcome to the month of May.

When I ran the half marathon last month my uncle inspired me to renew my yogurt making attempts.  I had stopped buying the normal stuff a few months ago (nonfat aspartame laced for me and super sugary fruit on the bottom for everyone else) and discovered that I loved Greek yogurt.  Sometimes you can find good coupons, but still.  So I went back to making yogurt and then straining it through cheesecloth to create yummy creamy Greek yogurt.  I add freezer jam to Isaac’s and some fake sweetener and some sort of natural extract (lemon or vanilla) to mine (all of these healthy changes and I am going to die of artificial sweetener poisoning).  Worth the work!

Another thing I experimented with this month were homemade fruit snacks.  Juice concentrate and plain gelatin and you are set!  Isaac likes them, and while they are extremely large snacks, we will take them over the store bought ones.

Homemade granola goes nicely over Greek yogurt.

And then there was the canning.  Not just more freezer jam, but honest to goodness sterilize the jars and put more large hot pots and pans on the stove than actually fit.  I made kiwi and strawberry kiwi jam.  Yay!

One easier thing I’ve been doing the past few months is buying organic green onions, putting the ends in water, and just using the green parts.  Keep ’em in water and they grow back!

Also, over the past few months I have been acquiring more glass storage containers.  My mother stored all of her bulk pasta, flour, beans, etc., in glass containers, so of course I was drawn to the Siren song of matching plastic storage containers.  Of course.

I am also proud of the bread making.  Not only has it been rising, but I have not purchased bread (okay, hamburger buns and the occasional Texas Toast don’t count) all year.

What next?  I am only on month five!  The lure of raw milk is starting to sound appealing.  And if I could find a yard to raise chickens in I would do it in a heartbeat!



  1. Hey Ingrid! Nice work! How on earth do you manage all of this stuff? I mean all of the money-saving food stuff, plus running, plus reading a ton, plus raising two little ones? I only have one kid and it’s a super-productive day when I manage to take the trash out. Thinking you could monetize your talents by teaching others how this works!

  2. So Inspiring! I don’t know how you find time to do it all 🙂 We got 6 chickens in April and am so looking forward to our own eggs. I love the idea for green onions. We always buy them, use a few and then they wilt and go bad before we think to use them again. Totally going to store them in water next time

    • Sarah! You are allowed to have chickens? Do you keep them in your yard? I would think zoning laws wouldn’t allow it, especially in the Bay Area. What a fun project for you guys!

  3. raw milk?!? i’ve got your source, friend 😉

    • I know… I’m just dragging my feet on it. That or waiting until we get our own cow!

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