Posted by: Ingrid | June 5, 2012

The second child

As I organize and file my pictures every month I am more and more struck by the fact that having the second baby changes the playing field entirely.

Instead of pouring over age appropriate eight month activities, Jonathan ends up on the swings at the playground.  Would it ever had occurred to be to take Isaac and stick him in a dirty swing at such a tender age?  I think not.  But that’s what we’re doing, so Jonathan is along for the ride.

Instead of playing with brightly colored baby toys on a freshly cleaned baby blanket laid atop an immaculate carpet, we end up with this:


And his ever persistent bent towards technology of any type that immediately gets taken away, resulting in a crying baby.

All this, coupled with brotherly interactions of this sort:

“Mommy!  I’m riding the horsey!” says Isaac.  True story, folks.  And you will note that there is a picture of all of these things that, the first time around, I would have denounced as terrible terrible parenting.  Now I document it first.  Which is good, since taking pictures is another thing that’s fallen by the wayside with two children.

I sort of see why so many middle children get all angst ridden and upset about their childhood.  And I am presuming that when you have a third you just hand them all the computer cords and let them have full run of the house while you give up and take a nap, right? 😛



  1. This post was genius. So very true. “I am presuming when you have a third you just hand them all the computer cords…” HAAAA!

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