Posted by: Ingrid | July 2, 2012

June Reading

How bad is it that I don’t even remember what the first book on my reading list was about.  Seriously?  Either than is an anti-tribute to a particularly unmemorable writer or a nod to my failing brain cells.

True Sisters – Sandra Dallas:  I had to look this up on Amazon to remember what it was about and then I realized why I’d blocked it from my mind.  A novel based on a group of Mormons in the 1800’s who decided (or had it decided by whoever was in charge) to walk across the prairie to Zion too late in the year with handcarts.  Horrible leadership, lots of people died, babies freezing to death as they were held by their mothers, small children drowning in frozen water… It made me angry and sick all at the same time and I am happy to forget about this book again.

Cinch – Cynthia Sass:  How badly do you want to eat only spinach, raspberries, yogurt, chicken breast, and almonds for five days straight before starting the normal diet she suggests?  But seasonings will help!  Also, don’t exercise.  Sounds like something to pass on to me.

The Submission – Amy Waldman:  I really enjoyed this novel, set post-911 bombings.  I thought it was a great read.  Good depth and not a happily-ever-after sort of ending.  One of my favorites this month.

The Bikini Car Wash – Pamela Morsi:  This is totally what it sounds like – a fun and light beach read.

Tuesday Night Miracles – Kris Radish:  I renewed this twice before I got into it and then I ended up loving the book.  A therapist on the verge of retirement gets to do one last anger management group “her way” for a group of women who have severely acted out in their anger.  It follows them as the learn to trust and work through their issues in a way that keeps them wondering what on earth their therapist is thinking.

Mr. Churchill’s Secretary – Susan Elia MacNeal:  An okay read.  It felt a little like characters and situations from the twenty-first century were superimposed on a World War II backdrop, but maybe that’s just me.

The Woman who Fell from the Sky – Jennifer Steil:  Another book I renewed several times before reading the whole thing in two days.  Loved it!  It is the account of a journalist who initially visits Yemen to teach a journalism class for three weeks and ends up leaving her job in New York and returning to run the newspaper for the next year.  It was a fascinating look at life in a country I know almost nothing about.

More Like Her – Liza Palmer:  An okay romance following the murder of someone who seemed to have it all together.

Ghostwalk – Rebecca Stott:  Alchemy, the discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton, and several murders from the seventeenth century are seeping through the fabric of time and touching life in modern day Cambridge.  I enjoyed the book but never really felt invested in the characters.

The Lantern – Deborah Lawrenson:  Probably my favorite this month.  It has such beautiful and lush descriptions in it… just lovely.  It is a modern gothic novel and one I read quickly once I started it.  Too much suspense and potential supernatural activity to leave it sitting on the shelf!


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