Posted by: Ingrid | July 24, 2012

Nine Months: Supermodel Thighs

Dear Jonathan,

Now my browser history is going to indicate that I did a search regarding the size of the average supermodel’s thigh.  Awesome.  19 inches, says Google, by the way.  You are 21 pounds today (fully diapered and clothed) and I couldn’t help but wonder if you had bigger thighs than a model since that is where your stored energy seems to go.  But they are only 12″.  And yes, I had to measure them, because they are just so lovely and sturdy and round and kissable.  Also, you are starting to use them a lot.  No longer are your legs in existence as holders for your toes that you like to suck on.  You have moved on to pulling yourself up and standing.

And with that, I feel like at nine months you have definitely stopped being my little baby that cuddled on my chest a mere nine months ago.

You don’t even army crawl, anymore, having given that up, almost seamlessly a few weeks ago, for a proficient baby crawl.  Then you were pulling to kneeling, then to standing, now you pull up like you’ve been doing it forever and sometimes only hold on with one hand.  Then you burst into tears because you don’t know how to get down.  Maybe you are still a baby.

You have several more teeth.  Seven, as of a few days ago.  You are hit and miss with teething, sometimes cranky and sometimes not.  Despite having more teeth than a baby of your age normally has you won’t eat.  Just no interest at all unless it involves a towel or book or something off of one of Isaac’s toys.  Or maybe the tablecloth.

We have tried watermelon, banana, applesauce, cereal, cheerios, peas, and avocado.  The only way I can get food into you is to hold your hands down (lest you go all Kung Fu on me), wait for you to laugh, and then shovel a bite in.  Most of the time you hold your mouth open and it all comes back out, annoying me to no end.  I wish you would eat things you are supposed to chew, because you are a formidable exclusive nursling with all those teeth!  And no, large pieces of sidewalk chalk still do not count as food.

You are sleeping beautiful eight and nine hour stretches in your pack n’ play in the living room.  When you wake up happy you sort of sag against the netting, panting at me and laughing.  You are like a big adorable puppy with no fur.

While I am comparing you to other things, might I also say that you are very like a tank or bulldozer.  You go for it (“it” being whatever you want or wherever you want to go) and you just don’t stop.  It may mean going under chairs or over people but you don’t stop for anything.

You want to touch and grab everything, and if it lights up and makes noise (or shrieks, as Isaac does when you pull his hair) so much the better.

Speaking of Isaac, you guys can often get through stretches of playing together now without him hurting you.

In fact, in the mornings now he will often ask if you can come play in his room.  Very cute!  You love him.  You love watching him, screaming with him, laughing at him.  And I love watching how much you love him.

You went to a hot air balloon launch this month and also to the zoo.

You have also been “helping” your dad train for a 5K that is this weekend.

You and Isaac accompany him on most of his runs and I get a little time to eat breakfast and clean up the house.  Score!  I knew we had that stroller for a reason.

You are also quite adamant these days about being part of the action.  When I walk in the door you crawl towards me and try to crawl up my legs.  When Isaac and your dad are wrestling, you are right there trying to get in on the fun.

You are a fun little boy, Jonathan.  Life with you and my other two boys is definitely fun and crazy.  I am constantly amazed at how quickly you are growing up.  I’m sure I will repeat that, ad nauseum, for the rest of your life, but I can’t get over how fast your baby days are flying by.




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