Posted by: Ingrid | August 6, 2012

A Week of Streaking

Fully clothed, might I add.  Streaking referring, in this case, only to the fact that I ran seven days in a row.  In a row!!!!  I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

People who are hard core do year long streaks.  Me, I was pretty happy with a week!  I am just not an every day runner, but after the 5K I was a little afraid I was going to drift into another running slump, so I set a goal: fifty miles over seven days of running.  I have run 40-ish miles a handful of times but never 50.  Since coming back from my injury in January I never made it passed about 35 miles, and that was at the peak of half marathon training in the Spring.

I have run a total of two events in 2012; a half and a 5K.  Both events have left me disappointed.  I felt like setting these arbitrary goals and accomplishing two things I’d never done before would at least help me feel better about running in general, and I think it did!

Plus, mid-streak, a friend told me about a $15 half-marathon just up the road that is in 8 weeks.  Our tight budget has been a source of stress when I think about running in events.  First, they have to be cheap.  Secondly, I have to sell things on Craig’s List to be able to afford them.  Third, it feels like I need to really give a good performance (at least for myself) if I am going to justify spending money on running.  But $15?  I can do that.  It starts at a bakery with donuts for the participants and ends at a brewery with beer provided (for hydration?).  I have never found a beer I liked, but I am all for the donuts!  Donuts, beer, t-shirt, and a September race?  I am excited!

I actually found that running 50 miles and running 7 days straight was not as taxing as I thought.  I broke it down into: 7, 8, 5, 10, 5, 11, 4 mile days with weights on Wednesday and Friday.  I found that my legs were stronger than my mind.  I was no more tired than I normally am when I wake up early and run, but I kept anticipating tiredness and telling myself I was tired simply because I expected to be.  I got to run with some friends and even my husband one day, and it really made for a fun week!  Poor Clint got to run with me on the last half of my 11 miler when I was getting tired.  He cheered me on with “Every step a PR” since technically each step took me farther than I’d run before.

That said, I missed getting the chance to read while cross training and it was nice to just be on the elliptical today.  And I didn’t do any tempo runs or speed work – I’m sure I would have felt the tiredness then.  I was really proud of myself for hitting my goal and doing something different.  I still don’t know how some runners manage to pull high mileage weeks month after month, but 50 miles doesn’t sound all that crazy anymore.

That has probably been the most fun recovery week I’ve had after a race and I am excited to start training for the upcoming half this week!


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