Posted by: Ingrid | August 8, 2012

July Reading

I am not sure how I managed to read all of these books in July!

How to Shop for Free – Kathy Spencer:  Lots of good tips though I still can’t figure out how to shop for free.

In Defense of Food – Michael Pollan: More information on real food and the cult of nutritionism.

Fried Eggs with Chopsticks – Polly Evans:  This book took me FOREVER.  I maxed out my renewals and turned it in the last day it was due.  It details the writer’s travels in and around China.  It was interesting but for some reason hard to get through, and “juddering” was used a lot, perhaps because the writer is British?  For some reason I find that word annoying.

The Winter Ghosts – Kate Mosse:  A European ghost story set post-World War I.  I enjoyed it.

Shift – Em Bailey:  Generic teen fiction about a shape shifter.  Hey!  Everyone needs a little light reading now and again! ;-p

Mennonite in a Little Black Dress – Rhoda Jantzen:  This book made me laugh out loud multiple times.  Rhoda manages to be very funny while not discounting her Mennonite roots.

1000 Ways to Spend Less – Esme Floyd: Generic budget stuff.

Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins: Finished reading the Hunger Games Trilogy out loud to Clint.

America’s Cheapest Family gets you right on the money – Steve and Annette Economides: A couple more good finance tips.  Sensing a trend here?

Real Food has Curves – Bruce Weinsten and Mark Scarbrough:  Along the lines of Michael Pollan with a bunch of recipes that I will not be making at this stage of my life.  Not as compelling as the real Pollan.

Out of the Silent Planet – C.S. Lewis:  Drum roll, please!  After starting to read this book YEARS ago to Clint, I finally finished it (I have read the trilogy multiple times but am trying to get through it out loud with him).

The Sweetest Thing – Elizabeth Musser:  A novel set in the South during the Great Depression.  It took me a while to get into the book, but then I enjoyed it.

One Day -David Nicholls:  This is one of those novels that you read thinking (about the characters); Please act differently, please grow up, please stop doing all these things… and then when things finally seem to be coming together someone dies.  I HATE when authors do that!

Supernanny – Jo Frost:  Isaac is not yet potty trained and I don’t understand him or his behavior any better than I did before.


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