Posted by: Ingrid | August 24, 2012

Ten Months: Cruise Control

Dear Jonathan,

Anyone reading this knows that control is not something that 10 month old babies exhibit, and it gives the impression that you are cruising steadily around the furniture these days.  You are cruising, for sure, but in more of an aggressive and reckless manner.  A cruise boat with steering problems for sure!

With 22 pounds of momentum, throwing yourself off my lap, across the floor, to the next place you can grasp is daily life for you.  I am not sure what this bodes for your future, both your extreme trust that someone will be there to catch you when you execute an unplanned backwards pike out of my arms and your penchant for just going for it and putting yourself out there.  It is particularly hard to explain to you at such a young age that walls will hold you up but the table cloth will not.

You found a new favorite activity the other day that involved an open toilet and both your hands.  You threw the most amazing fit when I removed you from the scene.

I don’t know if Isaac ever did that.  Certainly I never found him splashing merrily along.  Other activities include climbing stairs (and then trying to sit down in the air once you get tired), chewing on the couch, eating books, and removing all of my baking pans.

So far you have eschewed all things bland and baby food but are fond of things you can self feed like cheerios, banana, melon, and puffs.  Yes, the evil puffs.  I bought them on sale, thinking that maybe you would develop a tasted for sweet potato.  Only too late did I read the ingredients. Not only is sugar fourth on the list but the only flavor I found was apple!  Then I tried one and decided that these innocent looking puffs are the equivalent to baby crack.  I would down the whole thing if it didn’t cost $1.87!  Hopefully we will move to more balanced and normal food groups soon.  I am determined that you will eat the veggies that your brother wouldn’t touch, but the puffs were not a good start.

You say “Mama” discriminately now, but I am still going to say that your first word is “Bob”.  It is particularly funny when I sing the line: Bob the Builder, can he build it? and you look at me and say “Bob!”.  Both your Dad and I would swear up and down that you have actually tried to get out the entire phrase, “Bob the Builder”.  Less funny is when you are nursing and pop off to look me in the eye and ask, “Bob”?

You mostly sleep through the night now, sometimes waking up a bit early for my taste to eat again before going back to sleep.  All in all you are a predictable napper and sleeper, which I love, even though the timing and length of your naps is totally dictated by our schedule and whether we are out and about.  You are doing great in your crib, although I am concerned about some of your positioning.

I am waiting for the day your thighs get too big for this and you start screaming for help!

One thing I had forgotten about this stage is how, whatever new skill you might be learning is what you default to as soon as you wake up.  A month ago, if you were awakened, you would promptly stand up in your crib.  Now you either clap your hands, give a slow parade wave, or whack your arm against your mouth while going: AHHHHHHHHH.  All three options are pretty funny to watch.

You love “wrestling” and any time an adult gets down at your level it seems to cue your attack instinct.  It is so much fun to see you, Isaac, and your Dad rolling all over the floor.  Isaac goes back and forth with you.  He can be very sweet and then bop you on the head or push you down.

One of his favorites right now is trying to get you to “dance” which looks like you bouncing up and down while thrashing your head back and forth.  Isaac thinks that’s pretty hilarious.

As we come to the close of ten months all I want to know is why the time is going by so quickly.  Can you really be this close to walking?  This close to being a full year old?  It definitely makes me want to spend more time lounging around on the floor while you squeal with manic baby glee and slobber on my face – these baby days pass by all too quickly!





  1. I love this!! When Simon wakes up (or half wakes up) in his crib right now, he starts crawling . . . which is fine, until he hits his head on the headboard!! Anyway, you have a dear little man!

    • How funny! I love seeing the pictures of Simon – can’t believe he is growing so quickly!

  2. Fun to read, m’dear!

    • Fun to write, as well! Now if only Jonathan would stop nipping at my ankles…

  3. Didn’t you just have him? Like 10 minutes ago? He has excellent thighs, your boy. It’s kind of nice to have a big ol second born so that the first born can’t do too much damage when they’re wrestling, right?

    I came across this site recently – thought it might be up your alley. Check out the budget/real food stuff since we’ve talked about the ridiculous cost of non-processed food:

    • Yes, the thighs on this boy are something to behold. All that chunk and baby chub… you just can’t beat it! He is actually trying to shove Isaac out of the way but is not coordinated enough yet. I think he might be part bulldozer.

      Thanks for the site recommendation – that looks fantastic!

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