Posted by: Ingrid | September 1, 2012

August Reading

August went by in a blur and I didn’t get in all the reading I’d hoped for.  Maybe September will be a better month.  Our public library had us make reading goals at the beginning of the year and mine was to read 150 books.  I think I an lagging behind which means I either need to read more or choose shorter books!

The Voyage of the Sea Wolf – Eve Bunting: A bit of teen fiction that looked promising (pirates and such) but ended up pretty bland.

Bitsy’s Bait and BBQ – Pamela Morsi: A fun beach read (hypothetically speaking, as I have not been to a beach in years).

Runaway Girl – Carissa Phelps: This book really rattled me. Reading about Carissa’s life as a runaway out on the street was disturbing on several levels.  One was that it took place near and in Fresno (where I spent most of my growing up years).  There is something strange about hearing about horrible things that happened to people in a place you have personally been to.  Beyond that, it was unnerving to think that, since I am around the same age as the author, I was 14 and visiting Roeding Park to reenact the Revolutionary War with my homeschool group while she was being sold and raped at the hotels not even a few miles away.  I found that appalling and disturbing.  Definitely grateful she survived the trauma of those years and for the work she is doing now.

Hearts that Survive – Yvonne Lehman: I have been striking out with Titanic novels, this one included.

Cinderella Ate My Daughter – Peggy Orenstein: I don’t have any daughters but Peggy articulated a lot of things that scare about ever having a girl while still making me laugh.  Definitely an interesting cultural read, not just for moms with little girls.

The Merchant’s Daughter – Melanie Dickerman: Decent novel set in the Middle Ages, but not particularly spectacular.

Flight from Berlin – David John: A Romance between a reporter and an athlete during the Olympic games that took place in Nazi Germany.  I love World War II novels, and this was a setting I was unfamiliar with, which made it even better.

Seven from Heaven – Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey: Because I would rather read about having septuplets than actually have them myself…

The Other Side of the Sun – Madeline L’Engle: Like so many of L’Engle’s adult novels with convoluted families and characters I got a third of the way in and realized I’d read it before.  I still love her writing though!

Unnamed Novel – Author:  I don’t think I am going to publicly admit to reading this particular book, but I want credit for reading book, so there you go.

Insatiable – Erica Rivera: I’ve read this book several times, ever since I saw it lying on my sister’s couch and thought it looked interesting.  Erica’s raw and honest memoir hits me every time.

The Inner Voice of Love – Henri Nouwen: I think I have read through this little book four or five times and I still love it.


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