Posted by: Ingrid | September 3, 2012

{August: You Pick Two}

So I think I may need a reminder as to why I am doing this again.  The past few months have felt like we are taking steps backwards in our attempt at more natural eating.

Partly we have been busy, and that doesn’t lend itself to exploring or making new foods or tweaking anything that we already do.

Partly I have been trying to not spend as much on groceries by using coupons.  But this seems to back fire.  Case in point, this week I bought a packaged ramen meal.  A) Super processed, B) Why would I use it?, C) I don’t even LIKE ramen.  But it was 5 cents with a coupon.  I also managed to get Skippy “natural” peanut butter for $1.05.  Now anyone who can read the ingredients can tell that this is not natural peanut butter.  Having become accustomed to Trader Joe’s peanut butter (which is both good and natural) it was weird to have the fake stuff around again.  The texture totally encourages eating it by the spoonful.  I am not surprised that I eat way more of it than I do real peanut butter.  So we are sticking with real from now on!  We went through that processed peanut butter at an alarming rate.

I changed our granola bars, using peanut butter rather than butter for a better consistency and flavor.  Of course, Isaac won’t eat them, still, but maybe one day he’ll come around.

We have had a TON of tomatoes (and there is a ton more waiting to be picked today).  Those have been turned into salsa and tomato sauce.  I just don’t think canning is going to happen this year – no space and a three year old who won’t let me do anything (incredibly annoying).

I also grated a lot of yellow squash to freeze and tried my hand at squash chips (good when warm but not afterwards), squash cookies (cake like consistency and good with white chocolate chips), and squash bread.

Most notably (but not something I am going to replicate soon!), a friend and I got together for a pasta making session.  We made pumpkin, lemon parsley, and tomato-basil noodles.  Can I just say that pasta making is a LOT of work and I have an amazing right bicep now to prove it.  Definitely a fun activity with a friend!

It also was lovely with homemade sauce a few nights later!  I used to scoff at the high price of hand made artisan pasta.  Not anymore.  If you want the hand made stuff be willing to pay up – that pasta takes work!


  1. Our pasta was awesome – with your tomatoes! And the MEMORIES will linger when the pasta’s all gone!

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