Posted by: Ingrid | September 24, 2012

Eleven Months: Of carbs and kisses and screaming babies

Dear Jonathan,

I have been remiss this month and haven’t kept a running list of all of your noteworthy accomplishments.  Because of that, I am now sitting here, the day before you turn eleven months old, thinking: Didn’t I just have you?  It sure seems that way.  This year has passed in a blur of events and emotion and change and suddenly you are nearly a year old.

A year.

My baby is now moving around, communicating with his screaming (and oh you can scream), and is on the verge of walking.

You are a carb lover for sure.  So far the things you will not eat (bananas, avocado, any puree, chicken, beef, etc.) is longer than the list you are interested in, namely the carb family.  Graham crackers, soft pretzels, cereal, pizza crust… you love it all.  Also veggie sticks, which are nicely crunchy and are about as close to the vegetable category as you are willing to venture for now.

You come by your carb loving honestly – I will finish anything you won’t eat as long as it hasn’t been excessively drooled on.  I love my soft pretzels too!  You are also an avid paper eater.  The other day I found you half way through a business card.  I am not kidding either.  You’d chewed and swallowed half the card!

This month began with swimming.

It is ending with nights dipping down into the 30’s and the fun clothing swap as I try to figure out seasonally appropriate clothing in the right sizes.  Also, we need to find you socks that will stay on your feet!

I am thinking of dipping them in glue before pulling them on your cold toes.  Why do you insist on eating your socks while your feet turn purple?  You were baffled by the footie pajamas that I pulled out, unsure how to get at your feet.

In a lot of ways this month has been filled with the same stuff.  Trips to the playground, the library, the garden, with errands scattered here and there.

You still make a bee line for the toilet whenever the opportunity presents and have become very fond of bathing (perhaps because your brother makes it so much fun).

After we get your clothes off, you will stand there on one pudgy leg trying to swing the other one over the rim of the tub.  You are so determined and it is adorable.

In another noteworthy accomplishment, I learned that you are fully capable of climbing a complete set of stairs without trying to sit down for a rest midway through.  I learned this after you made the climb sans supervision.  One of those heart pounding moments as a parent when you realize that it could have been a very bad fall.  You are a fan of extreme sports; pulling the lamp (or other furniture) on your head and dismounting your brother’s bed head first.  In your spare time you like to dance.

Recently your Grandpa came for a visit and, once you determined he was okay, you became quite fond of having him around, wearing his hat, and pulling his facial hair.

You will still delightedly attack anyone who comes down to your level and I have given up trying to do any ab work while you are around.

You sometimes wave, make sounds for “hi” and “bye” and “mama” and “daddy”.  When I sing to you at night you make singing noises, while looking at me like I’m the best thing that ever happened to you – it is beyond precious!  You are a contagious laugh-er and it is fun to get you going.

You are a fan of giving “kisses” now, which means you wildly swing your head towards me, mouth gaping open, drool on my cheek and then try to bite me.  I shy away any time you seem excessively cuddly because I have been chomped on one too many times.  It’s so endearing though, that I always (regrettably) give you a second chance.

You are growing.  You have officially grown out of your car seat but I have not yet made the trip to the Health Department to purchase you a cheap-o car seat to match your brother’s.

We have passed the point where having you in a detachable car seat makes life easier – no way am I lugging you plus 13 pounds of plastic around!  I have officially pulled out 12-18 month clothing for you.  I feel like you and Isaac will soon be wearing the same size at the same time!

Isaac tells me several times a week: This is my baby bwother Jona-fan and I wuv him.  Then he does stuff like this that makes me question what on earth he was thinking.  In case you are wondering, yes, he is jumping, and yes, you are directly in his path.

Your Dad and I can’t get enough of holding you and watching you as you develop and grow.  You are deliciously chunky and sweet and mellow (unless you see graham crackers and then you scream until you get one) with your mouth in an almost perpetual state of open.

I’m not kidding.




  1. love that little boy!

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