Posted by: Ingrid | October 31, 2012

Mission Complete

Or “mission complida” which seems more appropriate since the time needed to frost Jonathan’s birthday cake was found by placing Isaac in front of Diego: Animal Rescuer.  Isaac told me last night that “gracias” means thank you.  Look at him getting all bilingual… 😛

Anyway, the mission in question was a first year birthday party that was A) not expensive, B) not all consuming, and C) left me relatively sane.  I remember feeling a little silly after Isaac’s first party.  All that time preparing and making favors and getting everything to match and he will never remember it!  I vowed then to not make the same mistake the second time around.  I can at least wait until they will be able to remember and appreciate themes and such.  Even with that said, I found myself looking at monkey themes on Pinterest: twisting brown paper into vines, borrowing stuffed monkeys, frosting an elaborate monkey cake.


No baby needs a three tier monkey cake.  NOT NECESSARY.

So I listened to my voice of reason and stopped.  We had our two adopted Grandmas and a friend and her two little ones over during lunch and had soup and cake out of plastic bowls.

I think we may finally have used up all the gold forks from our wedding almost six years ago!  It was fun, low key, and just what our new one-year-old (and his mom) needed.

Another indicator that this is my second child: both our cake and frosting as well as Jonathan’s came strait from a box and container.  No apple juice sweetened banana cake for this kid.  The funny thing is that he was more interested in eating the plate than in eating frosting and cake!



  1. Twas just the right party!

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